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Hiya, RPers! I'm...sort of new to the FFXIV RP scene and I figured it was high time to make one of these forum accounts so I could be ready for ARR! I played 1.0 since about February of last year, and during 1.0 my main server was Saronia/Sargatanas. Over time I started hearing really cool things about the RP scene in Besaid/Balmung, so I made two characters there over time because I was very much interested in trying it. I was really impressed by how kind the community was in Balmung, RPers and Non-RPers alike, and I got to watch a few little RP "scenes" here and there every so often--it was very cool! I was able to join RP linkshells there, but I was unable to stay in them and had to abrupty leave without notice due to some medical stuff that was going on...(I don't want to say the names of the linkshells/characters because i'd be embarassed, but I will say I recognize a good few people here from them and i hope if they recognize me they're not mad...)


Most of those medical-type issues have cleared up over the past year, though, and I'm happy to say that come ARR time I'll be starting anew in whatever server is designated as the official RP one. I actually convinced a few friends from my linkshell in Sargatanas to try it, too, so they might be here soon enough! (I would honestly love it if my shell just all jumped over to the new RP server since I don't know if Sargatanas is going to exist anymore at the official release and I'd love to RP as my main character, but I doubt that'll happen...)


Anyways, I guess I'll follow this template from here on out because I don't really know what else to say...



--MMORPG background

I've played MMOs since I was maybe...9-10-ish:

-NexusTK was my very first MMO (it's a really tiny game!) ...I had no idea what I was doing the first time I played it, so I stopped pretty early on.

-Ragnarok Online was next and was my main MMO for a long time; I played it on and off from 2004-2011. Then Renewal came and the management changed and everything started to suck...so I stopped.

-I've played a bunch of other games too, like Mabinogi, Ragnarok 2: the Gate of the World (until they shut it down and scrapped it for something terrible...), a few Japan-only MMOs (at the time, anyway--LaTale, for example), and a whole bunch I can't even remember. If I wasn't playing RO I was usually hopping around different games to see what entertained me...and then I found Final Fantasy XIV last year and thought it was really cool, so I tried it and I think I'm going to be sticking with it for a long time! It had everything I really liked about MMOs in it, and even though the reviews were bad I wanted to give it a try because rumor had it they were rebuilding it from the ground up. I think I started sometime during 1.19, because when I joined my first linkshell everyone was really excited about the new jobs coming out.

-I also shortly returned to NexusTK during XIV's downtime, but it's a very small game with an even smaller community, and the company who owns it is pretty much letting it die, so...I didn't stick around too long.



--RP experience

In MMOs? Not much, I guess, aside from the characters I made on Balmung...Nexus, the game I mentioned before was pretty RP-heavy, though--it was based on ancient Korea and a lot of people in the community joined different kingdoms' councils and stuff, and people RP'd as the monarchs of each little kingdom, which in turn changed how the in-game politics were run.



--Character ideas/info

Oh, gosh, um...I have two, one of which is my main character, Fleurette Luluya, but if we stay on Sargatanas chances are I won't be RPing her. I probably will, however, be RPing as her little brother, Olivier Totoriko. his tentative story is something like: he was taken care of most of his life because he was gifted in conjury and he was his mother's pride and joy--Fleurette was pretty much ignored and left the house at 15 to go study thaumaturgy in Ul'dah. Their parents were killed in the Calamity when he was 12, and his sister and her friends disappeared like many others, serving in the Battle of Carteneau with the Grand Companies. He was taken in by the conjurers at Stillglade Fane and has been training as a conjurer/white mage ever since. Because he was pampered as a kid and always had his mother talk for him he's very shy and doesn't talk too much to people he doesn't know. When he turned 17 and heard the rumors about the Warriors of Light returning, he was prompted by Brother O-App to go and see the world, and maybe find his sister along the way--because there was far more to see than just the Twelveswood. He and his sister were originally 7 years apart, but due to Fleurette being frozen in time they are now two years apart--he is 17 and his sister is 19. (Their first names aren't really traditional Lalafellin names, but there's a reason for that...I'll end up throwing it in their backstories should I end up posting that.)


...it's a work in progress and if i happen to write both i might post them around here to be checked and looked over, because I'm not sure if they're entirely lore-accurate and I'd like them to be as close to accurate as possible.



--How did you learn about the coalition?

I'd heard of it around the Lodestone, I think, but I didn't actually begin to check these forums until very recently. I'm glad I did, though--you guys are really cool and I'm always really fascinated by seeing what kind of stories and characters you all create!



--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Between medium and heavy. I have a lot of ideas for my characters, and I'm also really amazed with the mass amounts of awesome lore they've given us for this game--my favorite MMO lore by far. I like sticking to the lore they've given us (because they worked hard on it!), and I really like getting into different stories and stuff. Also because Eorzea (at least in 1.0) is so open and explorable! I always used to think, "wow, this would be a great place to RP a certain type of scene!" and stuff like that. So I'd like to get pretty involved in whatever RP I end up doing.



--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Um...I'm 19 years old and a soon-to-be college student? Gonna be majoring in Japanese (I've been teaching myself since I was about 9), so I'm looking forward to learning more. :D


I...guess that's it! But it's a pleasure to finally be here and I hope to see you all around!

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Welcome! I highly doubt anyone would be mad at you for disappearing, especially with having a good reason! If anything they'd be glad to see you back and healthy! :)

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ahhh thank so you much everyone! i feel so welcomed and it's very good to be back. <3 (I felt so guilty when I had to leave ffxiv behind for a bit...)


and i think i recognize a few of you from the linkshells/around Balmung! it's really good to see you guys again and i look forward to seeing you in ARR! ^^

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