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New RPer from Balmung, still WIP

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Hello there! I am fairly new to rp and always wanted to interact with others but I am fairly shy so this is me coming out of my shell. I've been playing ffxiv for a year now but recently got into rp, but I've been having problems on making a story for my character along with other things since I do not know much about the lore and rp basics..


I am a fast learner and striving to learn more about the game that I enjoy to play! My character is a female Au Ra Raen named Yuri Momochi from Balmung, she is still in the works but approachable. I would like to learn more of the Auri people along with the Raen clan as well as Eorzea lore to help create a story and begin a new life with rp! Please and Thank you >//<

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC and RP in general! :thumbsup:


Good news is that with Stormblood, there's a lot more lore to play with as far as Au Ra go. Still, you don't have to know everything either and a few searches here on the forums or via Google can help at least get you up on the basics. Beyond that, you're certainly welcome to ask lore questions in the Lore forum, or even post to the Character Workshop if you're looking for some more direct assistance with lore-checking your character. Of course, you could just make your character oblivious to the lore as much as you are, and it'll give you a chance to learn the lore alongside your character (amnesia for instance, or just growing up really sheltered). You can also toss up a Making Connections post once you have a pretty good idea where you wanna go! It's a good way to hit the ground running. 


You can also visit the Quicksand in Ul'dah as a good way to cut your teeth on roleplay and watch others- learn a bit by example in a PUG environment. Making Connections will allow you a more "targeted" method of meeting other characters- specifically characters that share something in common with your own.


Regardless, best of luck and good hunting!

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Welcome to the RPC! 


Its always wonderful to see new faces popping up in Balmung during its locked state. To add to a the nice beginners tips that Valic posted earlier I am also a HUGE fan of The Human Floyd's Roleplaying in MMOs: A Beginner's Guide series. His graphics are top notch too ;) Here's the first video in the series





As far as getting out there just go into the world and see where the adventure takes you! Always feel free to message me in game if you want some direction or help. I'm also always up for random RP as are many of my guild mates. So pull up a chair and get comfy for the fun ride!

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