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balmung Fustuarium - Garlean RP Group

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Fustuarium is a Garlean RP group that does weekly events. Fustarium specifically revolves around a frumentari operation that pulls imperial agents from various legions to perform black ops missions. We also run social events for all Garlean role players and general Garlean RP/missions.


We work with other groups (FCs, linkshells, individuals) either as allies or bad guys.


Here's some stuff we've done:





Garlean Pub Crawl

Senator's Ball

Garlean/Doman Resistance cross-over

promotion ceremony

Galrean Pub Crawl: Kugane Edition


Your character can join Fustuarium if they are an active imperial soldier, mercenary ally, or civilian with skills that would benefit the unit. You may also be conscripted into service unwilling.


Service is classified. Imperial soldiers remain attached to their home legion and only their immediate superiors know of their involvement in Fustuarium. They are summoned for missions then returned to their active location afterwards.


OOCly, communication is done in discord. Announcements and recaps are posted in tumblr. Most of our members are also a part of the Garlean linkshell 'Imperial Will' and use it for IC communication in-game. GM'd events are done in-game and happen once a week. The discord also has several RP channels and we are happy to create a specific channel for your plotline.


GMs are Araceli Caillen and Aegir Hlerson. IC leader of the unit is Zheng Diremite. We have a safehouse located in the Gold & Glory estate, Goblet - Ward 4, Plot 41, Leonis Katharana's room. Many events are held ICly in Castrum Aquilonis - which has been revitalized recently to serve as a location not attached to any canon NPC leaders. [/align]

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Hey there!


I'm interested in some Role Play collaboration for my Free Company. I'm trying to get the RP kick-started again, but we lack anyone who wants to be that antagonist so to speak.


Last we left the story, Garleans had just come and burned down our house/school.


Here is our website. Feel free to peruse it. If you're interested in collaborating with a group of RPers, let me know!



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[align=center]FINAL FANTASY XIV: STORMBLOOD || ALA MHIGO! ALA MHIGO! ((4.0 MSQ Tie-in Event w/ “Operation Rhalgr’s Beacon” server || Wednesday 9th August @ 7pm EST )) [/align]


Despite the blow we dealt to the Eorzean Alliance at Specula Imperatoris, their barbaric march towards Ala Mhigo continues. The so-called Scions of the Seventh Dawn threaten our noble cause to pacify this savage land, sowing their treachery with empty words such as “freedom” and “justice”. Where we bring order, they will bring chaos.


Every man and woman loyal to the Empire must rise up and be counted. The enemy is at the gates. It is you who stand between nobility and depravity.


Fend off the Eorzean horde, hold the line, and show all of Hydaelyn that we shall not waver!


For more information or to sign up, contact Seriphyn#0337



[align=center]This is a UNIFORMED Event:[/align]




[align=center]Here's a uniform guide for tomorrow's event. [/align]

- Chimercal Felt Cyclas of Scouting/Aiming/Striking (Wine Red Dye)

- Serpentskin Armguards of Scouting/Aiming Striking (Wine Red Dye)

- Veteran Pothelm or Mended Pothelm

- Black pants

- Armored thigh-high boots (Red and Black/Grey)


Looking for suggestions for mage and tank armor

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[align=center]The Battle of Specula Imperatoris[/align]


Oct 15th - Sunday - Garlean RP - The Battle of Specula Imperatoris @ 7pm EST, The Peaks


- “An MSQ RP taking place during the events of “Heavens Weep.” (https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Heavens_Weep) Orders have just been give to fire Castrum Abania’s massive cannon upon the main tower of Specula Imperatoris. One Pilus Prior defies orders, alerting his cohort of the incoming destruction. It’s up to them, and those outside the blast range, to come together and get out alive.”


- If you want to participate in this, you need to come up with a reason that your character is currently stationed in that region. For members of the IIIrd Legion, you will be tempoarily transferred to Castrum Abania to provide back up for an anticipated Alliance siege.


There will be three groups: Rescue Team, Trapped Team, and Engineering Team:


Rescue Team: You are outside the blast range of the cannon. You have been ordered to get in there and assist the people who have been injured and get them out of there.

Trapped Team: You are inside Specula Imperatoris during the attack, you may be injured from the blast, you may be all right. Eitherway, you will need some help getting yourself and your team members out.

Engineering Team: you are an engineer in Castrum Abania. You have been ordered to repair the cannon so that it can fire a second shot.


[align=center]If you wish to participate in this RP, join us on discord: https://discord.gg/PTnuZXb or message Aegir Hlerson in the game. [/align]

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Imperial Shadows are the unseen hands of Garlemald - the silent enforcement of the Emperor’s Will. Highly trained members of the Frumentarii, many use specialist skills and even limited magicks taught in former Doma. Shadows, like their namesake, are invisible and silent - by the time you see one, it is already too late.


We’re creating a group of imperial shadows to run missions 1-2 times a month. Players must be trained shadows active in the imperial army. The first event will be next week!


If you are interested, join our discord at: https://discord.gg/UDkg27H

Or contact Aegir Hlerson in-game or discord: Aegir#5138 or Hali Naras in-game or discord Nierfenhimer#2748[/align]

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[balmung] The IIIrd Legion Presents: Winter’s Knell Ball



Winter’s Knell is a Imperial holiday celebrating the coming of winter with the figure known as Father Frost. Tribunus Leonis realizes that many of his cohorts are far away from their friends and family this year, so he’s decided to do something special: the Winter’s Knell Ball!


The Ball will start off outdoors with a traditional snow fight and construction large Father Frost figures. Participants will be divided into teams, the team who is able to build the largest Father Frost and protect it from the other teams will win a special prize: a two day vacation at the Gold Saucer!


Rules for the Father Frost Fight will be posted later.


Following the out door activity, imperials will convey in the ball room. Rousing patriotic speeches and a night of dancing and dining will follow.


This event takes place in the reconstructed Castrum Aquilonis (https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Castrum_Aquilonis) a fortress which sits on top of the mountains of Central Coerthas. It is heavily guarded and unknown to Eorzeans. So don’t think you can get in without a transport and imperial travel papers. Let’s celebrate the end of our first year together, Ave, Imperator!

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FRIDAY April 20th, 9pm EST

Imperials! It is time TO OCCUPY SHIROGANE! 
Posted all around Kugane and in the breakroom of your local Castrum is a hand drawn poster, probably made with crayon. There’s even a few spelling errors. 

This event is open to all Garlean roleplayers, Militum and civilian, and their friends! We are looking for taverns to crawl through, so if you’re in Shirogane and got a spot and will be open this FRIDAY, let us know! 
Can’t make the pub crawl at the start? No problem! Just send a /tell to Aegir Hlerson. I will let you know where we are! Questions/comments/problems can also be directed to Aegir. 

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