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Ship - Draw My Life

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(Jumpin on the bandwagon. All this is totally OOC knowledge, as Ship would generally never tell this story in all it's truth. But this was a fun opportunity so I said why not.)



Listen up, cause I ain't gonna say it twice. The name's Ship. And this is my story.




This handsome cyclops is me. I was born on the 11th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon...I think. I've forgotten the year. Oh, and I'm a lalafell, wanna fight about it!?




I was born pretty far east from Eorzea to a pretty small family, although we were supposedly immigrants there anyways or something. Was just me, my Ma and my older brother. He helped take care of me a lot. Don't really remember anything about my father, guess he wasn't really around. Probably died or something.




I practically idolized my brother. We were the best of buds and I suppose he was the kind of person I wanted to be. We played and trained and did everything together. But that's the thing about families, sometimes they don't always work out. And over time my brother started acting different towards me. Even now I'm not sure why, if it was jealousy or resentment, or maybe he just hated me from the beginning and just tried to hide it.




Unfortunately things turned ugly. Friendship became rivalry, rivalry became pure hatred. In the end my brother had a deranged grudge against me from some unknown slight. It escalated pretty bad.




Unfortunately it reached a point of no return. Plummeting over the edge of sanity he descended into madness. We fought, the worst it had ever been. And this time there was only going to be one person walking away from it. He made that clear. In the end I couldn't make him see me eye to eye.




Well, that totally sucked, right? Right. After that I was kind of lost and felt guilty like it was somehow my fault. Which it probably was. I decided to leave, I couldn't stick around there anymore. I boarded a merchant boat heading for foreign shores, hoping to get as far away as I could.



The boat traveled west, but after a few weeks journey we were attacked by pirates. Slavers and disgusting excuses for living beings, they killed or captured most of the pretty defenseless crew. I was surprised they didn't just feed me to the fish.




Instead they took me in as some kind of twisted entertainment. Kicking me around, forcing me to work or partake in all kinds of dangerous situations for their amusement. I hated them, but at the same time I felt maybe it was justice for what I'd done. Punishment for trying to run away from it.




I lost count of how long I was a prisoner. Years went by and I was transferred to a small hideout on an island cove where I was forced into even more physical labor. My hatred grew for them, and maybe that's why I never gave up, even though it would have been easy. It lasted for what seemed like eternity, and then I was loaded up on a ship again with other slaves, most likely heading to be sold or traded, or whatever. That's when I gained my freedom. A day after departing the slave ship found it's way into a terrible and sudden storm, the winds and waves wracked the ship, sinking it. I was free at last, only to be dragged to the depths.




I thought I was a goner. But it seemed fate had it's fun torturing me. I suppose my terrible debt had been paid as I awoke some time later, having been rescued by a band of pirates. Or I thought them as much.




I would later find out they weren't particularly pirates. Sailors that enjoyed everything the sea had to offer, though they mostly partook in trade. They took me in and gave me a home aboard their ship, the Hecatonchires. An odd name that I'd come to learn as they taught me their language.




I was basically a husk when they found me, it had been so long since I'd said my own name that I'd pretty much forgotten it. As such, I took on a new name. They called me Shippuu, a mocking nickname as it was the first word I tried to speak of their language when they saved me. The word was ship, but I messed it up pretty bad. It stuck though, and a name's a name. I spent years with them, sailing to all kinds of places. They taught me the finer things in life and that the only person who's important is yourself. 



I went my separate ways from them after we made port in a place called Limsa Lominsa. The place had a certain charm to it, and I felt I had spent enough time at sea. 




There was a whole new land to explore, people to do, things to meet...err...well, close enough.



(To Be Continued in Ship's Adventures in Eorzea Pt.1!)

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Dude, this is awesome. 


Side note: I'm still impressed that you managed to make a badass Lalafell that actually works. Most people's attempts turn into some cutesy "I'm big and strong" failure of a character.


Forever jealous.

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Thanks everyone. I had fun drawing these up, and I'm glad I was able to at least moderately accomplish the stylized brush look I was going for.




Oh, wow! Your technique is something to gape at. The pictures really bring out the emotions in them.

Can I ask what program do you use?


And to answer this, I mostly use Photoshop CS4.

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