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What are you happy about today?

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I felt like this forum could use a thread for just sharing your happiness about.. something! So if you got a new cute puppy, won ice skating competition or just found a new favourite ice cream flavour, share it here!


And I'll start...


I finally found my Photoshop and Painter Essentials installation disks! Even if they're about 10 versions old, they're hundred times better than Gimp.

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I'm happy that I have a wonderful group of online friends who have very quickly become my Real Life friends. I'm happy that I get to meet new people in just a few days (I'm looking at you, Endri.) I'm happy that I'll get to go to Busch Gardens on Saturday, I'll finally do karaoke after a long while, and that school will be over for me on the 14th. I'm happy that the people I associate with are great people, are good to each other, and do what makes them happy. I'm happy that I have 4 wonderful animals, and a wonderful husband. I'm happy that I'm gonna finally have a dishwasher by the end of the day.


There's a lot in my life to be happy about. :moogle:

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I am happy that I have such wonderful friends and family who have helped support Felix and I during the past 3 weeks as we delt with an inevitable but terribly sad time.

I'm also very happy that a bunch of us are getting together soon to celebrate life and birthdays and such.


And my hair came out cute today so....bonus!

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I'm happy that I'm finally done with the five-year hell known as University and did so well during it. I'm happy I have found a great job that I really enjoy with my degree.


I'm happy I have a husband who takes me to new places sometimes like the grill we went to last night where I had the most amazing cesar salad with salmon ever, and then comes home and plays FFXI with me.


I'm happy that during the last few years on this silly game I have found some true friends that stand by me.

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I'm happy that I'll be getting some new Manari art very soon.


I'm happy that I've found several people in this community that have become some of the best friends I could have asked for, and I'm making more friends all the time.


I'm happy that I've come up with a character and story for my RP that I really like.


And I'm happy that I just got a brand new monitor today for my PC.

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I'm happy to be married to someone who is understanding, compassionate, and full of life and love and just everything that is wonderful.  <3

I'm happy we live with our cat - even if he's become a little old and set in his ways.

I'm happy we recently got a new puppy - even if she's young, hyper, and regularly makes a mess of our living room.



Isn't she adorbs?!?!


I'm happy that I have a job that I enjoy and a good team and excellent coworkers.

Right now I'm happy to have a wonderful cup of Darjeeling~


Relating more to the RP/FFXIV side of things:

I'm happy to have had a lot of wonderful, meaningful RP experiences in 1.0 and it makes me very hopeful for the future.

I'm happy that P3 is only 12 days away now so that a lot of the apprehension and antsy behavior can go away as people get back to enjoying the game.

I'm happy to have met some truly wonderful RPers, both from my time in FFXI and also along the way in XIV.

While unexpected, I'm happy to have forged some very real OOC friendships with a few of them in particular during this kind of "RP downtime".

I'm happy whenever anyone in the community draws/paints art of anyone else in the community.

I'm happy to see so many other people here happy.

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I'm happy that I've spent the past seven years of my life with a woman who constantly challenges me, expands my horizons, backs me up, and trusts me.


I'm happy that I have two major life changes coming up in the near future that will mean I'm able to focus on my career and the things I want from life, something I've been waiting on for three and a half years now.


I'm happy that I seriously got the most awesome boots yesterday. Seriously, they are super great. I love 'em.


I'm happy that it's not so long now until I get to play FFXIV again and explore the life of my darn cat, a character whom I regard as something as an old friend. I look forward to exploring old loves, new friendships, old friendships, new mysteries, and all sorts of other things. It's not right now, but it's very much sooner.


I'm happy that I've had great roleplaying elsewhere whilst I've waited, even if I wish more of it was with the awesome folks around here. (Y'all are great.)


I'm happy to have gone from having no art of Rhio to having two wonderful portraits by some of our talented artists. I'm sad I can't art back in response. Not even if I try to draw everyone's character in the style of Adventure Time.


Lots of reasons, really.

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I'm happy that pup is so adorable.


I'm happy that I'm halfway done working night shifts this week. I'm happy that I finally have a FFXIV character that I really enjoy working on and coming up with new stories about. I'm happy that I found this community, since with most games, once my friends quit after the first month or so I get bored and lonely and quit too and I really like this one. I'm happy that I found the art style that will best capture the feel of Uther Skystrider's "draw my life" (I'm unhappy that I have no artistic talent so it'll be a while). I'm happy that the book I can't seem to find anywhere came in the mail today. (The Once and Future King by T.H. White)


And I'm happy that this thread was made, because lately I've been feeling unhappy.

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I'm happy that I've been kicking my own ass to get back to drawing regularly, and that the people here help motivate and inspire me to continue to do so.


I'm happy that I'm also getting back into reading every day.


I'm happy that soon it'll be 9 years with someone who constantly challenges and accepts me, opens my mind to new ideas, and has been there for me through thick and thin. I'm also happy that I'll be having a 3 month vacation with said person in a couple of weeks. c:


I'm also happy that after years of dreaming about it, I finally got enough courage to get a pixie hair cut and I have no regrets.


I'm also happy that I have a place now where I can come and chat up some pretty awesome people.


And I'm happy that this thread was made, because lately I've been feeling unhappy.


Same on that.

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