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Hi everyone! I figured I'd take a minute or two to introduce myself. Now, where do I start...


My role plying experience is limited somewhat. In fact, I haven't played many MMORPGS, or at least not for very long. I tend to gravitate towards one game at a time and play that one till either the keyboard or gamepad breaks. Hence why I ended up playing WOW for over 5 years. I RPed quite a bit there with a fantastic guild, but eventually things in my personal life shifted quite a bit (got married and had a baby) and I step away from the game and let them continue on with out me.


I did play FFXIV 1.0 for a time, but was unable to keep up with it. I tried to RP a few times, but to no avail really. I think by that time either I was on the wrong server or the RP population had shrunk considerably. *shrugs* I enjoyed the game, but I'm a social creature and always find that a game like this is much more enjoyable when you've got friends to enjoy it with. I'm excited about 2.0 and really can't wait to give it FFXIV a second shot.


Well, I've probably rambled on incoherently enough for now. It's nice to meet you all, and I hope to see you in game. Take care!



You know, This is exactly the reason one should read to stickied threads....


I haven't really come up with a concrete character idea. I think my days RPing Wow may have tainted my view of things, so I wanted to flesh out a couple characters before landing on anything firm


I prefer a medium to heavy roleplaying style. Keeping most of the conversation IC, but I have found that in dungeons and larger groups OOC chat can be useful. Truth be told that since my time can be a bit limited, I tend to stick to message boards with a bit of story telling.

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