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(Maetus) Looking for guides.

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Good day, I am Eadmadus Thornwood, a dream walker of the thousand tribes of the far north. When children reach a certain age they are expected to roam about the local tribes to find a place to live. I chose instead to come south.


 When I arrived I found a culture of cat creatures, lizard creatures, dwarves and giants. My spirit guide Pasha, who has taught me how to control my aether to heal and comfort the afflicted, has told me that the spirits of these lands cry out in pain, indeed, having recently delt with a large fire spirit I have found this is true.


 Your animist tribes call evil creatures that change them. That attack your people. You face a war of conquest from an empire far more advanced then you. You bicker and backstab each other for lumps of meaningless metal, how you can attack your own, I cannot fathom.


 Yet, I extend my hand to you. The spirits of the mother that cradles you call out. So I extend my hand to you to help her. My ways and yours are diffrent, yet still I reach out to those that inhabit these lands. I must understand the people here, if I am to understand the dire warnings of the spirits.


 I ask that someone, one or many, take the hand offered. Show me your peoples, your towns, your cultures that I might learn about it. I will teach you of the thousand tribes. Of dreamwalkers,  of the Ish, and of some of our own animist tribes like the Y'ti and Whisperfoot kobolds.


 I await you my new brothers and sisters. Let us go forth as one people.

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I would definitely be interested in having Tyll meet Eadmadus!  She's mentored other characters before in her backstory, so if you want I can have her act as somewhat of a mentor to Eadmadus. Also, I'm in the process of starting a new FC on Mateus; if you're interested in that, I'd be glad to have you!

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