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Hello Peoples!


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Hiya, Name's Stalkingrike or SG for short. If you can guess where I got my name from then congratulations, you get a cookie!


Nice to meet you all!




MMORP info


I've played a LOT of MMOs but didn't start to rp in them until SWTOR (star wars the old republic.) Unfortunatly I didn't get to rp much there because of personal issues. Before that I mostly stuck to fanfiction and rp involving that. Lets see...I've rp'd Naruto, Danny Phantom (don't laugh), Soul Eater, Pokemon, and probably more but that's all I can think of at the moment. 


When I rp I prefer medium or heavy. I work hard on my characters and I'm sure other people did too so why not give them every opportunity to shine? That being said I'm a pretty casual gamer. I play for fun and if I'm not having fun than what's the point of playing?




Character Information


Oh boy. Despite there not being a whole lot of info out lore wise for ARR I've still managed to hash out a character story . It's probably full of plot holes and lore errors but I've got plenty of time to iron it out before the game comes out. 


Though if you are curious and are brave enough to wade through the insanity of my writing than I have no problem posting it. Just ask! I LOVE swapping characters and their stories. Almost as much as I love inventing Lore or trying to go further in depth into different race's cultures. (Seriously, the duskwight and seekers of the sun? Now that's just interesting.)



So yeah, if anyone want's to discuss some of their theories of the game's lore (even if it's complete guess work) I would be happy to hear. 




How did you find the coalition?






Anything from real life your comfortable with sharing?


What like Social Security Number? Haha - nice try. 


But in all seriousness? Um, let's see...I'm female, I'm in my twenties, I'm way too wrapped up in my own fantasy world, I love books, I work at GameStop, I suck at grammar and spelling, I've eaten snails and lived to tell about it, and yeah...that's probably good enough. 


...Or am I really a forty year old man who lives in in the crawl space of your house; spending my days taking pictures of you and stealing your cable?


You'll never know for sure...


See ya!

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Well since someone was curious I guess I'll post my character's 'origin story.' I'm not sure where else to post it so I hope this is okay...


Name: Noeaux (No-AY-oh) Rossignol



Rich in family, love, and comfort Noeaux’s childhood was a kind one, having been sheltered in the heart of a great mountain range.



He’d been born in a time of great prosperity for his people; a pleasant updraft after years of biting winds and temperamental fates.  



Not long ago, the highlanders had managed to push the Duskwight back after years of bitter territorial disputes.  The clan found itself stumbling further and further toward the coast until only the ocean rested at their backs. Unable to fight against the overwhelming force of an entire City State, things seemed very bleak indeed. That is, until they were unexpectedly offered a chance for peace.



Ansgar Ironbane, a leader of the local militia and prominent member of the State, generously offered them a piece of land to the north east, deep in the mountains. He and his countrymen promised to leave them be as long as they laid down their arms. With little choice, Noeaux’s clan reluctantly agreed.



When they arrived, the Duskwight were pleasantly surprised to find the mountains riddled with caves that were rich in resources. The snowy caps provided an ample supply of fresh water and the forests resting at the mountain’s feet were teaming with wildlife. In short, things were good and his people were happy.



But while peace soothed the old and experience it had a way of riling up the young and arrogant. Untempered by any kind of hardship Noeaux and many others of his later generation had a knack for getting into trouble. Dissatisfied by the calm, many of the young Duskwight made a habit of venturing down from the mountains and wreaking havoc in the nearby Hyur towns.



Noeaux was cocky, thoughtless and irresponsible. He’d tear through the unsuspecting Hyur like a hurricane, leaving behind cheated merchants, broken hearted farmgirls, and irritable fathers armed with pitchforks and torches. In short? He was a menace and he loved every minute of it.



It wasn’t until his late teens that Noeaux first tasted the bitter hand of fate and suffered the same hardship his parents had faced not so long ago.



Garlean troops started to prod the edges of the mountains, testing the Duskwight’s strength. The first assault was easily defeated, their victories assured by Ala Mhigo’s generous offer of free supplies and arms. But soon their efforts were worth no more than a stones throw to stop the ocean’s oncoming tide. The occasional border skirmish turned to all out war as the Garlean Empire threw more and more troops at the unprepared Duskwight, leaving their preferred guerilla tactics all but useless.



By that point, Ala Mhigo’s goal was obvious. The unsuspected gift made all those years ago had actually been a dagger wrapped in silk.  They had given the Duskwight the land so that there would be a standing force between them and the ambitious Garlean Empire. Unknowingly, Noeaux’s people had agreed to become glorified guard dogs, successfully turning away any scouting parties or other potential threats while giving Ala Mhigo plenty of warning if the Garlean Empire ever decided to invade.



Realizing this, many of the Duskwight retreated deep into their caves, hoping to hide the few who were left from the Garlean’s might. But that was not enough for Noeaux. Furious at the betrayal, at being so blatantly used Noeaux and a small force of Duskwight ran ahead of the Garlean force and delivered a false report to the generals of Ala Mhigo. Their misdirection was simple, they claimed that they were still holding the invading army off and that Ala Mhigo still had a few days before Garlean invaded. In reality, they only had one.



Returning to their homes, the Duskwight went underground. Huddled in the dark, they felt the ceiling shudder and weep as as the massive invading force marched over their heads.



When it was finally quiet they hesitantly crawled out of the dirt and were greeted by a different world.



Blue skies had bled to black, weeping dirty rain that tasted of blood, dust, and fire. A pillar of smoke stood where Ala Mhigo once rested with the bones of homes, airships, and soldiers serving as fuel for the pyre. Men, women, children, none had been spared and what remained of both sides was only the pale ash that coated their skin and sat on their tongues like so much hate.



Ala Mhigo was gone. The Garlean’s were gone. Even death no longer dared to walk those scorched plains;  leaving nothing but empty stone and emptier flesh.



They fled. Mixing in with the fleeing refugees many of Noeaux’s clan were separated. Those who knew nothing of the false reports usually ended up in Gridania, seeking refuge in their estranged cousins. The others ran farther. Some couldn’t stop running. Noeaux was one of those. While his mother, father, and sister found peace in the forests of Gridania, Noeaux ended up on a boat; trying to put as much distance between himself and those horrible memories as possible.



He eventually found work on a merchant’s ship and has lived peacefully off the ocean for the past fifteen years. So far he has managed to stay away from talks of war and invading armies. Whether he can keep that up is uncertain but one thing's for sure, he’s going to damn well try.








If Noeaux doesn’t want to think or do something, he uses humor to avoid it. Because of this he comes off as careless and it’s hard to get a serious conversation out of him.



On the other hand his seemingly light hearted personality puts many people at ease, despite his heritage. It also leads many people to underestimate him.



Noeaux has an issue with killing people. Monster’s, beastmen, and other creatures with little to no sentient intelligence? No problem. But ask him to kill people and there will be problems.



His fifteen years on sea has taught him a little about healing but Noeaux is still better at destroying things then fixing them, something that bothers him on those dark nights when he given too much time to think.



If forced to kill a human Noeaux becomes cold. He won’t talk, he won’t laugh, he’ll just do it and get it over with. After that you can find him having a drink at the local tavern.




Remember this is a first draft. I came up with this after reading some of lore. My worries are that it is too integrated into the main lore to work. I'm still unsure. 


Anyway tell me what you think.

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