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Weekly Kujqai Trade Route event!

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Where: Mateus | Ul'dah, Steps of Nald.





When: 10 / 20 / 2017, Friday 7-10pm Eastern Time(may extend depending on arrivals and popularity)


What: The Kujqai tribe of the wind has come to a local settlement once more to conduct business and lift the weight of their travels. We come from all parts of the world, across the continents and cities themselves to sell unique and special items that may scarcely be found elsewhere. Come shop and converse with the wind's most blessed followers, for the short time they may be here! They too have come to meet with one another and learn of changes in culture across the continents. Perhaps you are in need of some coral to make some fine jewelry from the ruby sea? A burlap sack of fresh fish off the coast of Hingashi to make sushi? Some ornaments and trinkets from Coerthas and Ishgard? Much can be found and only for a limited time!



OOC Notes: Some of us may opt to not actually physically sell/trade anything and will just /em out any business/conversation. This isn't truly a real trading event, it's merely a meet and greet for both the tribe to converse and for strangers to converse with them. We'll all be around the halls there in Ul'dah trying to catch someone's eye with our goods and make some quick coin ICly. All are welcome to join, haggle, ask about the tribe, or anything that suits your interest! If you are interested to learn more about the Kujqai tribe, visit our lore page here for more details!

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