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Warren Castille

SE's asking for examples of community content. Now's our time, roleplayers.

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Check this out.


The FINAL FANTASY XIV community is full of talented content creators and artists of every medium, and we're constantly impressed and inspired by the works we see shared across social media.

Are you one of these talented creators? Would you like to see your work featured on an official FINAL FANTASY XIV channel? Now's your chance!


Introducing "Community Commendations," a brand-new feature coming to the DUTY COMMENCED stream where we feature works created by our talented community!


Guidelines for Submission via the Official Forum:


Submitted content can be any form of art, such as illustrations (hand-drawn or digital), photos of physical creations, video content, or a musical piece

Please make sure the content is appropriate for our audience.

Please make sure to follow the forum guideline and material usage license when submitting your creations.

If you're sharing content created by someone else, you must first get approval from that person, give credit to the person, and link to that person’s original content in your post (if possible).

Square Enix reserves the right to remove or take down any content in its sole discretion.

By submitting you agree to the above guidelines.

If this is your first time submitting an image to the forum, follow these tips on how you can upload your image to the Lodestone and post it on the forum.


Proceed to the official forum to submit your entry!


Guidelines for Submission via Twitter


You may also submit your creations via Twitter. To submit via Twitter, first follow the official FINAL FANTASY XIV account at @FF_XIV_EN from your Twitter account.


After you’ve done that, send us a Tweet that includes your creation (or a link to your creation) and the following information:


Creator's full Character name and World name

#FFXIV_CC hashtag

An "@" mention of @FF_XIV_EN

* We will send you a direct message on Twitter if we chose to showcase your content on our official channels.

Please make sure that all Tweets comply with Twitter's terms of service.



SQUARE WANTS US TO THROW THE SPOTLIGHT ON OUR COMMUNITY CONTENT. This is a huge chance for us to get officially noticed by senpai. I fully intend on at least throwing a link up to 's stuff once I get their blessing.


And if any of y'all know how to do video editing and wanna give the Grindstone a shout-out, have at it.

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Post all the Grindstone screenshots of the 80-100 people lined up.


Post pictures from the Bar Crawl


Post Pictures from any server wide event . .




Wait, don't we have Larry and Mr. Face that are apart of the community? Think we could get them to help us make a video showcasing all the RP events?

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