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Furnishing Contest Winners!


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I'm not going to have room in my house for all that eastern stuff lol. Going to be hard to pick and choose.


At this rate, my house will be a Manor/Eastern Style...


I edited after posting it, but, Square Enix is making no promises that any of these will be added. Sorry for the confusion! :(


* If Square Enix determines that a particular entry is especially excellent, Square Enix may decide to implement the design into the game. Such implementation is not guaranteed and is not a part of the contest prize.

* Square Enix may decide to implement entries that were not selected as a winner as well.

* In such cases, the development team may make adjustments to the design, name, or features of the item.

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The wall hedges would make me want to make a little yard maze so bad... but you don't have nearly enough outdoor slots to make a good maze! :(



I know. Wish they would increase the outdoor limit. I can see large houses maybe pulling off a small maze but that'd be the only thing in their yard.

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