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The Hidden Pearl is Open to All! :)

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Hello, RPC and Balmung roleplayers! o/


My name is Amy, and I've been the FC leader of AW-RP, now Pearl, since 2013. Times are a little tough for Balmung recently, and I know there is not much any one person can do to allay the tension that's been building over the several months of our closure. From a personal angle, my FC is still doing well, and RP happens on a frequent basis with and without nudges from my officers or me. But it is a little quieter than it used to be, I will not deny. 


That being said, I am still incredibly thankful and proud of what we've all built together, and I want to offer it as a place for others to come for roleplay! Please note: this is not an FC advertisement--you may be part of any FC you wish, RP or non-RP. Or you can be FCless forever! You are all welcome to come RP with us at Pearl. 


To learn more about the Hidden Pearl Inn & Tavern itself, I do implore you to either take a peek at our RPC ad, or, even better, our website. There is the menu as well as the NPCs that sort of run the place while us nerds chat and have adventures.



IC Features of the Hidden Pearl:


  • Five fully furnished Inn rooms. Three are upstairs in the main FC house and 2 are in a private chambers. Your character may rent this space for any amount of time. (Oriel Durand's Room)
  • Private Honeymoon Suite. For those who want a more lavish stay or with something to celebrate with someone special~ (Ander Brookstone's Room)
  • Tavern and Bar. No adventurer hub is complete without copious amounts of booze and food!
  • Far Eastern Flair. The owners of the Hidden Pearl are natives of the Ruby Sea, so they are just going with what they know best! However, there are plenty of Eorzean food and drink options.
  • Onsen and shower. All inn dwellers have access to the public bathhouse.
  • Leve Counter and Notice Board. Need a job to pay for your room or is your purse feeling a bit light? Check out downstairs for your adventurer/mercenary needs!
  • Chocobo Stable. Worry not! Your horsebird will be well-tended during your stay, be it long or short.
  • Outdoor gardens and sitting areas, semi-private and open. Have you always wanted a picnic under a sakura tree? Me too.
  • Mist Beach. Just down the steps from the Inn is the entire beach at your disposal! Get those episodes in!


Due to my busy schedule, I haven't met many Balmung RPers outside of Pearl, but I'd like to change that and so would many of my members and officers! We still have a very thriving and active community, and I would love to be able to meet you.


Activities and Location:


  • Pearl's most active times of day are around 7:00pm until 1:00am Eastern during the Week and all day (hit or miss) on the Weekends!
  • Our Location: Mist, Ward 6, Plot 30
  • Half Price Pints - Every other Sunday starting at 8:00pm Eastern is our major FC social event! The name speaks the point--half price drinks to draw in new and familiar faces. I will bump this thread when it's happening, so people can come if they want. :) There is a chance for all attendees to win a little OOC prize too~
  • Here is a link to our menu and staff members! NPCs and PCs, alike.


Please note: I cannot guarantee anyone from Pearl will be available to RP at any given time, but anyone is free to use the Inn whether or not anyone from the FC is there. Just please be respectful! That is all I ask.


I think that's all I needed to say! The Hidden Pearl Inn & Tavern is open to you and yours, Balmung. We look forward to meeting your characters! o//

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