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[Coeurl] Bless me in this endeavor


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So with an obvious challenge to find someone on Coeurl who actually RPs(since I'm still in ARR I just come across newer players that just run past me, going about their day), I decided to take a plunge in the dark and try to search for people in the forums. 


Nevertheless, hunting down inhabitants of Coeurl that RP(and use this site) still is as equally hard as in-game. I believe that I'll find them :')


Anyway, just popping by and dropping a 'Hello' to all. Am I sort of new to FFXIV? Yeah. Still getting used to everything and so far, Black Mage is getting more fun past lvl40. But I'm definitely not new to RPing lol. I think I've only RP'd for about, a few years? I started RPing 'seriously'(paragraphs and such) for about 3 years now.


I'm up for any forum RPs. Especially since I cannot find anyone in-game.(psst, if you see Karigan Nightingale anywhere, that's me)


Why did I choose Coeurl?


So yeah, eggcited to get to know y'all more and such, but for now, I shall resume my hunt. Fare thee well.

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Greetings and welcome. A friend of mine who is a RPer plays on that server and told me there is a RP FC that goes by the name of Guilded Lantern so you may want to ask around about that one and see what's what. 


Hopefully that helps but if I can be of assistance just let me know and I'll see what more I can find out. Enjoy yourself out there.

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Heya! I admit I don't have an entry for the Gilded Lantern here on the RPC, but that's mostly because it's still in its early stages and I'm the sort that won't post about it unless I have something substantial. But I would strongly recommend reaching out to the Coeurl Open RP LS and those able to get you into it to connect with the RP community on this server.


Feel free to message me if you want more details regarding the RP FC or anything else on Coeurl! I'll try my best.

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