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Howdy peeps!


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Hmm... figured I might as well throw a post up here,


Some people may remember me from 1.0, I was around a while until the sub fee came in and I couldn't justify paying for 1.0 in the state it was in.


Since then I bounced around in GW2 a bit, and am one of the pre-launch enthusiasts of the upcoming MMO Wildstar, where I co-run the Wildstar equivalent of this here RPC :D


So... ARR huh? I'm happy to give it a shot, sadly I am a highly indoctrinated SE fan boy so I will give pretty much most things they release a fair shake.


Have to say though that while I'm pretty impressed so far, I still have concerns after the burning I received from 1.0 but I'm definitely willing to give it a go again.


Will FFXIV: ARR be my second ongoing MMO choice? I guess time will tell.

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I remember your wild red hair you from way before 1.0!  Where you been hiding out?


Hmm... mostly been in MMO limbo really, GW2 didn't pan out so well due to there actually being nothing to do once you got to max level and bought gear.


Wildstar RP community is keeping me busy, but still the most fun I've had in RP is with the FFXI/XIV people so ARR is something I was always going to keep an eye on.


I really hope SE pull it off!

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