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Hey anybody know if Thief will ever return

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We have had word though. Yoshida has said multiple times during live letters that a scout/thief class is missing and that he'd like to add it.


So it's a likely possibility it will be added down the road at some point. Yoshi wants to make sure the DoM and DoW are pretty even in terms of representation, so keep that in mind as well.



With the introduction of split jobs from classes we'll likely see a more regular stream of new jobs trickling in as the game progresses after launch, through updates and expansions.



It's simply a waiting game at this point.

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I am still hoping for the Musketeer and Thief to be mixed somehow.

Gundaggers.. Oh yeah.


Considering that Yoshi mentioned the addition of new classes BEFORE the first expansion, both the Thief and the Musketeer seem the likely choices.. Along with the long rumoured Dark Knight.

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It has been said that a scout class that uses daggers as its main weapon from the armory will be coming at some point and that thief and ninja will come from it.


The other joins that have been mentioned are dark knight samurai and red mage specifically.  Musketeer has been talked about as a class but little beyond that.


One can speculate as to which classes the above listed joins will pair with and what jobs Musketeer could have.

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They once said something about Thief possibly coming from Archer, but that was a long long long time ago, before the scout type class rumors started, so who knows.


I'm probably in the minority here, but I'm hoping they throw another little curveball like Bard and make Musketeer go to Red Mage. Red Mage with a musket would be pretty cool. I doubt it though.

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If the thief is brought in it should be done so like it was in FFTTA, as a baseline class that then can upgrade to ninja. Samurai could also come from thief if combined with the archer or gladiator. Fencer (medium armor) would be cool to go up to red mage through a combination of fencer and thaumaturge. Blue mage would be cool too, coming from a combo of thaumaturge and conjurer. Beast master would be interesting, but seems to kind of been fulfilled by the arcanist/scholar.

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Ehhhn. Ninja also comes from Thief in the very original Final Fantasy, but Knight (essentially Paladin) comes from Warrior in that too. I don't think we should make a classic Job into a Class just because it synchs up with how Jobs worked in previous games.


In FFXIV, a classic Job is a Job you get from a Soul Crystal being equipped with the right Class. Classes are something more basic, about the weapon or tool you hold in your hand, and never a (deliberate) reference to past series games.

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