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Is this a cheap ploy?

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On my first chars, I tend to like to use the following tactic: take a race (in this case a Mi'qote) and have them grow up in the most popolus race's culture (in this case Hyur)


Why? Well, two reasons;


#1 Freedom to learn at my own pace. By having my Mi'qote belong to the more generic, easier to comprehend Hyur, I can explore the lore of FFXIV within the interactive world of the actual game, rather than reading a ton of stuff on the computer screen (which honestly is not my best way to learn)


So why not just make a Hyur? Well...


#2 I really enjoy exploring the theme of the 'outsider'. Those who are biologically one race, but identify as another. Having an identity crisis, in which they feel caught between two worlds provides a lot of emotional material for my char to work with.


But is this a cheap ploy? In essence my Mi'qote would know next to nothing about their actual culture, having to learn it from an outsider's perspective. Is this kind of thing frowned upon?

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I would say 'no.'


Did something like this myself from 1.0 in part because there was a lack of information about duskwight culture (and sort of still is).  We've since filled in the blanks a bit, but she's kind of assimilated into Gridanian culture much more.  I see no reason why origins (or familial origins) can't be different from upbringing.

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I would have to agree with Eva. I did this exact thing in WoW with my Night Elf who was raised by humans. It was difficult, that is to say awkward (which was good, because that's how her life would have been), but a lot of fun at the same time.


I will kind of be doing the same thing as you with my Roegadyn, growing up alongside my main (and his "npc" siblings) and their mutual friend (both Hyur). Though her biological father will have technically raised her, he was always immersed in the melting pot of all the other races, so to that, so was she.

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You're describing what I did, so here's hoping it's not a cheap ploy. The only Miqo'te Aysun knew growing up was her mother.


Though I did it more because I knew jack crap about most of the lore rather than to put her as an odd one out.

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I think it's totally legitimate. Beyond playing the whole "outsider" angle -- which is more keen for miqo'te, given that they're (according to lore) relatively rare in Eorzea's city-states and that the Keepers are largely disliked in Gridania -- characters like this put a spotlight on an inherent conflict in the game between racial culture and Eorzean (or, perhaps, Midlander Hyur) culture. Also, beyond all of this, people are bound to have rushed to the city-states while they were rebuilding to acquire safety and work after the devastation of the past. Lots of orphans are bound to have ended up there too.


So, no, I don't think it's a cheap ploy as long as you remain aware of the stereotypes that are relevant to your character and don't shy away from the IC conflict between a, let's say, "Hyur's kitten" and a "true mi'qote".

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So, no, I don't think it's a cheap ploy as long as you remain aware of the stereotypes that are relevant to your character and don't shy away from the IC conflict between a, let's say, "Hyur's kitten" and a "true mi'qote".


If only there was any of that IC conflict....

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Well, it's only beta. :)


After launch, though, I'm hoping for some Miqo'te tribal LSes or free companies. I may end up playing a Mi'qote, in which case I fully intend for the character to have a very strong opinion on that conflict (either pro- or anti- traditional Miqo'te culture). In fact, if many Miqo'te players decided to have their characters take a stand on the issue, it'd naturally generate that conflict.

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Thanks for the support all ^_^


@Freelance & Aysun: Though regrettable, I do not see a viable solution to this problem. It is as such in other games too; the lore is provided, and summarily ignored. Part of this is an ignorance of lore; huge, dense walls of text on websites certainly isn't my favorite way to learn; so I understand when others do not do the necessary research.


As an example; people's wiki page bios? Can't read them. There is so much to absorb for someone my character may never end up interacting with. Yet I could read a hundred of those 'my bio in pictures' threads that people do. It's a quick, easy way to get caught up with the gist of who someone is as a character.


If only more lore threads were provided accordingly; instead of spelling out everything to the last minute detail, give a broader overview; illustrated, easier to follow, so that beginners at least have something to work with. A more hands-on approach is always easier for my preferred method of learning.


Compounding this is the fact that in these games, many NPC's seem to completely ignore lore xD . Just proof that these games aren't built specifically with rp'ers in mind.


But yea.... would be cool to see some LS's designated to cultivating a cultural Mi'qote storyline.

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