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Character Age/Background with the Calamity?


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Not sure this has been asked yet, but I'd like to have something cleared up.


As far as I understand characters from 1.0 are transported five years into the future where ARR starts. However, this doesn't seem to apply to newly created characters in ARR or even many of the NPCs around the world.


Since it's only been five years since the calamity, it's pretty obvious that all new characters were alive before that event as I doubt any of them are just five years old.


So how do you plan to handle this RP wise? I guess the question is what makes those that were transported different or special to those that weren't? I guess the assumption is that they were at that final battle even if they actually weren't in-game.


I'm trying to create a story for a new character and I was kinda stumped by this as she would have been alive during the calamity, yet my old character would have been transported, I assume. It's likely that my new character would have seen the world change while my old one would have no idea what happened in those five years.


Do I have this all wrong? What are your plans/thoughts?

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Maybe I can provide some assistance?

I am in the same boat as far as new characters within ffxiv, the way I had progressed my character was that since he was a male miqote, I started him off growing up with in a tribe in the black shroud forest, typically I read that most keepers reside there and are common for the activity as poachers.

For Isa'to's case, with the tribe he resided, had migrated south, (a little north of Ul'dah) and witnessed a lot of the destruction to the south west, but the tribe ended up scattering, as a large piece of dalamund's debris flew in their direction, which had then separated him from his brother.


So, I would assume that everyone who wasn't part of 1.0+, does not have to conform to being a part of the final battle if they don't want to. If anything they could have been simple travelers, or even commoners for that matter, maybe perhaps the scare of dalamund and bahamut kicked them into reality that Eorzea needs heroes.


If this is what you did not imply, I apologize.

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While the game's story will treat 1.0 characters as ones who were at the battle and sent forward through time, many of us choose not to roleplay our characters as such. Rhostel was not there, so there is no reason she'd be sent through time.


Likewise, if someone wants to make a totally new character and claim that they were at the battle and were sent forward for RP's sake, there's nothing wrong with that.


As far as anyone has been able to tell, the only requirement for being sent forward is to have been at the Battle of Carteneau Flats, and to still be alive when Louisoix cast his final, last ditch spell to save the survivors.

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Okay, so it sounds like my assumptions were correct, the teleportation only applies to those that were at that final battle, story wise.


Living through the calamity will certainly provide a lot of opportunities for character development. I foresee a lot of dead parents (my new character's included). ;)

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