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Screenshots of Phase 3!

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This one is probably my favorite that I took this weekend. There's something mysterious and evocative about it.


Not to mention creepy...It looks like you're entering some kind of ancient evil forest filled with werewolves and vampires. I can already hear the slow and loud creaking of the gate.

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There's a wonderful air of mystery to the whole thing. You can almost hear a piece by Michiru Yamane of Castlevania fame in the background as she walks down that path.


I love the settings in this game so much. It's a wonder how they managed to get it to look as good as it does without being a huge draw on the GPU.

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Only thing I'mma share for now?


They ruined -- and I mean ruined -- my serviceable and perfectly casual tarred walking hat during the 1.0 ==> 2.0 changeover process.











Just. Why, Dev. Team?  Why?  Why did you have to ruin such a perfect hat that I literally spent weeks, if not a couple months back in 1.0, trying to get my hands on? You're tearin' me apart, Yoshida. :(

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