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Back from the dead! Or just real life.


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Hi guys, I'm coming back, even though you probably don't remember me! It's been a while thanks to school, Dalamud falling, some minor life-altering events, et cetera. Even though I'm legacy I haven't even been in beta until this past weekend...partially because I'm scatter-brained but mostly because the real world got in the way. Since 1.0 went down I've filled the roleplay hole in my heart with LARP (don't judge me!) but there's only so much a small, arthritic girl can play in that sort of game, and with the new launch on its way I'm hearing the siren call of an MMORPG with actual RP, where I'm not constrained by silly things like gender or grip strength...


I'm guessing most of you won't remember my characters either, seeing as I was a fairly sporadic player and not very active in the community, but if you do remember them (Mali Darksidhe and Tiv Grimmgeist) then kudos! They aren't coming back!


Well, sort of. I don't know what my main come phase 4/full launch will be, but it probably won't be either of them.


Tiv is going to stay the same character (with a gender change, of course!), but I don't really know what to do with him. As is, he's a character I would RP, but not a character I would play in FFXIV. The disciplines that fit his character just don't fit my preferred playstyle. But at the same time, even though I hardly ever RPed as him, the RP I had as Tiv was the most memorable and I want to continue playing as him just for the personality...


Mali is getting retired permanently, and if I decide otherwise I'll be putting her heart and soul into a new character with a different name. (I'll still be keeping the 1.0 character though, because come on! I worked hard on that Warrior.) Long story short, she just isn't the character I thought she would be.


The original Mali was a character of mine from FFXI, a name that some folks thought stood for "Malice," with good reason. ;) She might even be showing up soon...not that you should be worried or anything! I'm still tossing ideas in my head after all.


Oh, and on top of everything, my old cross-mmo guild is coming to ARR, but they won't be on Balmung when they get here...so either my attendance will continue to be terrible, or I'll be abandoning a good group of old friends, and I don't like either option. But juggling two server's worth of characters with life, school, and everything else on top? Not gonna happen!


Anyway, I've probably typed way too much and it is super late now and I should go to bed. I'll be catching up with y'all later. :cactuar:

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