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Hey there :3


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   My name is Poeros (Poe for short). I am very excited for the release of Final Fantasy XIV. While I am new to the lore of this game, I am not new to RP in general. I am a nerd and RP a d do all sorts of tabletop gaming with fiends. I have played previous Final Fantasy games in the past, but not the last online game due to its UI.


   Very much would like to find a group of people to run with has trying to play any MMO alone is painful in pvp and pve. I hope to meet lots of people and to help build a great community we all can enjoy.


   On another note I do art for money and friends and if anyone is interested let me know :)





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Welcome! You can find a lot of information about the lore on our Wiki, as well as see other people's characters there. If you start a thread in the Artisan House forum, you can show off your artwork (and likely get commissions! the RPC loves art).


Great to have you join.

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