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Hello :D

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I am a FFXI  former roleplayer from the Leviatan server formerly of the Lost Boys Linkshell :D 


Im a little rusty as i havent done much rp since they disbanded when the original ffxiv came out.  I have been playing ffxiv in beta for about a week now and LOVE it!!  cant wait to get back into the swing of things!



I still play ffxi as well just no rpers left there QQ

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*squeals* A Lost Boys member!


I wasn't a member (was a Sylph RPer) but sometimes poked in on their site back in my XI days. Loved their site layout and was always fascinated with their style. Its former leader and core members created Order of the Stormguard back in 1.0's launch, which I dived into from the start. It hit several rough patches and is no longer around though ; ;. I'm still quietly hoping Keir and friends return to the game at the very least, as I loved RPing with them.


Enough of my rambling though. Welcome!

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Yes Lost Boys was one of the last to survive the server merges and such but it was such a sensational group to rp with and be a member of :D  My char Jhess will always be a part of me I still write small stories for her.  I debated merging her over to 14 but she belongs to xi forever!  Im hoping to see some old ls mates too but i think most have moved on to other games :D

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