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Hello to any who read this!  I am new to this site but I'm sure I will enjoy my time here.  I am pleased to meet you all!   I go by Belisar Starkwood in FFXIV.  I haven't Role Played or anything but having spoken with some of you, and knowing certain others would like for me to, I decided to register.  Hope to see you in game soon :D

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Starkwood, huh? Have we got siblings here? ;)


Still working on figuring that out. But Bel played 1.0 with me back in the day, and asked if he could take the last name...and I said sure! So he'll be running with my crew at some point. Hopefully I can get my hubby to RP, and then you'll see three of us Starkwoods running around. We'll see though. ^^

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Belisar, huh?


Reminds me of the name of some notoriously bitter forum-goer... *Looks to the name above his head* Oh yeah, me...


Haha but really, welcome back to the game and the RPC! :)


Totally thought he was you. xD



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