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R'adebh Pinhadra

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R'adebh Pinhadra, nickname Ra

Age: 27

Race: Miqo'te

Clan: Seeker of the Sun

Gender: Female


Raised in the outskirts of Ul'dah, she was banished from her tribe for attempting to kill her abusive fiancée and trying to run away with her lover. The Calamity happened shortly after and she spent her time as a traveling healer. Eventually finding her place on a pirate ship, she stayed there for a few years before continuing her travels and finding her ex-lover and a job as a bartender in a Tavern/criminal hideout. That was quickly shut down and she eventually found a home in the Moonlight Jewel where she continues to be a bartender and healer when needed. She is now pregnant and married.



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Healer to a pirate? Now thats a story id like to hear sometime.

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I'm always willing to swap stories with people

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