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Oh jeez, never know what to say about myself in these sort of intro sections. I'm a long time game, especially where the Final Fantasy series is concerned. I played Final Fantasy XI all the way up to the Wings of the Goddess expansion and originally ran the Hollow Ones Linkshell on the Bahamut server. Since then I've bounced around to plenty of other games, started the Black Sun guild that has followed me throughout many of my journeys, and now I've found my way to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


I'm no stranger to the game, though I can't say I played for long during 1.0 I actually quit around the time Yoshida was announced to take over development, though had I known what he was going to do with the game! I found my way here from the beta forums, and I'm pleased to see how great the community is here. I've already made a few posts, though I figured I needed a semi-official introduction, so here it is! Hope to see you all in game. :moogle:

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Pssh. There's no real need for a proper introduction, if you don't feel like making one, but much appreciation for doing it!


Also, Doctor Steel avatar! :thumbsup:

I like at least trying to wipe my feet on the welcome mat when entering someone else's home for the first time!


Big fan of Doctor Steel, so glad to see his logo recognized as well!

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