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Hello There!


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Hello, Nice to meet you!~

You can call me Almira, or Mira for short~


Hm, let's see, i'm a little shy, so these sort of these are kind of awkward for me, sorry!


I've been playing FFXIV for awhile, since 1.0, i haven't really had much RP experience, but it's something I've always wanted to do, so i hope everyone can bear with me, i'll do my best!~


I'm going to be playing on Balmung, as a Highlander Hyur Scholar/White Mage~

i'm still working on her backstory, but it should be finished soon!


I look forward to making new friends here, and RP partners!

Sorry Again if this was a bad introduction, i'm really bad at them orz

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I recognize that character...from other parts of the interwebs...



Welcome aboard. Always good to have more pretty highlander ladies~


We do not utter "its" name. :P


Anyway welcome to the forum. Always happy to see more female highlanders (now if I could only see more female Roe's...)

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