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The Story So Far, Part II

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This is the continuation of the "Story So Far" segment from awhile back. Add your "story so far" below and you'll be added to the table of contents in this post.


The purpose of this thread is to summarize recent events leading up to ARR's present day.


For those who stayed behind for five years: You can write a summary of events that your character went through over the five years leading up to present day. For an extra challenge, try to write the summary IC as if someone in the future is telling your character's story!


For those who time skipped: You can write a short story post in this thread showing your character's immediate arrival in the post-Calamity Eorzea and their first reaction to things. Note: You MAY want to wait until after this weekend to figure out how time skippers are being introduced to Eorzea via the cutscenes.



Table of Contents:

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Kylin Felstar's Story (stay behind)


I still recall the horror brought forth on the day of the Calamity. Everyone was affected, be they rich or poor, old or young, charitable or wicked. House Felstar was no exception. Having fled to one of its tiny owned island estates beyond Eorzea, the family itself escaped unscathed by the destruction brought forth by Dalamud. But the youngest Felstar, Kylin, was hit hardest of them all. His lover, Gerik Aston, was believed to be dead. Kylin remained unable to contact him and was eventually forced to give up his search.


Angered at his father for taking him away from Eorzea, Kylin blamed the Felstar patriarch for Gerik's loss. The young man disowned the family and lived the next cycle alone in an Ul'dahn inn room, where he indulged in various "activities" to pass the time and make him forget the agony he was in. Even as House Felstar moved into the recovering Ul'dah, Kylin kept himself cut off from the family. But Cartius Felstar was always a clever manipulator. He sought out his daughter, Elza Ashfen, who had left Eorzea on House Mavanix's Scarlet Siren ship immediately following the total destruction of the Mavanix clan. He persuaded his daughter to return to the family by appealing to her own desires as well as her concern for Kylin. Elza would then approach Kylin and slowly bring him back into the family.


House Felstar was on the rise. Cartius regained old family assets, including assets from the fallen House Mavanix. The patriarch even published numerous texts to detail the horrors of House Mavanix's many old secrets, gaining tremendous sympathy and support from other nobles that further helped bolster House Felstar. He appointed Elza as the head of the house's public relations, and she and Sanctum oversaw numerous charity projects that would help strengthen the house further. Kylin was appointed head of the newly acquired Avalon Heritage Museum.


Life became stable within the house and all was well for some time. There are rumors that Kylin fell in love again when his sister arranged a date for him with a friend of hers. Who the individual was remains a mystery to me. But it's said that the love story ended in Kylin's heart being broken once again, supposedly over his own paranoia and manipulations. The pain caused the young Felstar to mostly cut off his social ties and bury himself in his work.


Some cycles later, Seraphine Felstar returned to the family as well. The details of how she turned back up in the family remain mostly unknown. She was believed to have been dead for quite some time. Some believe her return was a result of Cartius's doing somehow, though few know for sure. Regardless, the family was truly whole for the first time in many generations. While he had no social circles to speak of at this time, Kylin was over the moon to be surrounded by his loving family.


Nearly five full cycles after the Calamity, things would change forever more. Those believed to be dead, friends and foes alike, began to resurface. What was stable quickly became unstable. A new chapter of the story emerged...


~House Felstar butler, to a young Felstar

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Nikolai Petrilio's story (stayed behind, in a sense)



Oh, Nikolai... Just had to go an' play martyr, didn'cha? "It'll be fine," ya said. "I trust in your ability," ya said... I guess you really shouldn't've, eh? I know we were pressed for time an' all, what with Dalamud bearin' down on us, but we just weren't ready...



Hate to see you like this, ya know that? But I guess it beats you bein' a monster, heh! Seems I coulda botched your crazy experiment worse if we dodged that prophecy you were talkin' about. ...Least I sure hope we did...



Anyroad... you wake up soon, ya hear me? Shiny an' comatose don't suit ya...



~apprentice Fejar Tuolim, to Nikolai at his bedside

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John Spiegel -- Time Skipper 

(Edited out the bit during the battle. I took some liberty with the time-jumpyness. Forgive that ^^; ) 


And then... then there was light....





John's momentum of his leap landed him face first into a giant tree. A brief recovery - by which he plinkered down smashing into branches as he fell and hit the ground with a muffled “thud” - of wiping blood off his face and some groans, John freezes. Surprised, shocked and scared that he was -just- surrounded by death but now surrounded by greenery and life. Snorting and spitting blood, he holds his sword at the ready. Suddenly, he hears a scream!



A feminine voice shrieks "I-it's a monster!"



John moves with a carnal vigor towards the voice, only to find nothing but an Elezen woman running from -him-. Being naked from the waist up, covered in his (and others’) blood and people bits and running around with a giant sword generally tends to have one seen in bad light. Well, this scream-a-thon did not set well with the local creatures of the deep Shroud. Suddenly, the trees themselves began to move. About a dozen treants, awoken from the cries of an unfortunate onlooker, began forming a large circle around John and the poor Elezen woman.


Through his labored breath, John spoke up  at the Elezen woman “Stay down lady!”

Through events in his past, as well as just giving off this dark vibe, no wonder John has accumulated Woodsin. The Elementals no doubt saw John as a threat.


Within a few minutes, John dispatched the treants.

“Halt!” A voice orders from the trees. Wood Wailers appear from the trees.

“Come quietly otherwise we will send you to the Hells!”


Still running on fear and power, John stands his ground full ready to take on another perceived threat.

*huff, huff....THUD*

John collapses as a result of his injuries and fatigue.

“Is... is he.... it? dead?” A Wood Wailer pipes up.

“If that blood’s his he might be. Get a healer up here but restrain him first!”

Cautiously, five Wood Wailers approach the unconscious John.


“By the... what is this man? His body looks like... what is that mark?”

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Hilario Bahamut  (time skip)


 He is a Elezen wildwood that that look like he is at twenty one year old. His father push him to learn lancer for his destiny and his mother taught him botanist. he does not know what his destiny is.


On the night of Calamity, while he was gathering logs. He saw a bunch of lights in the sky and some heading to Grindania. Suddenly everything went white light.



He woke up in the forest he feel strange and weird  and stumble into a park wagon they offer a ride to Gridania. During the trip he learn it been five year since Calamity.



He found out that his family house was burn down and no body was discover, and a note that read 'Due to the owner of the land and house has not been paid for awhile. We decide to put it up on the auction for any adventure'

 He though for a couple days what to do with his life? he decide to join Twin Adder company, plus saving up his money to buy the land and house. The house will be for any adventure to relax and ask for help if they need it.

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Dustyn Croft




A single blade of grass wavered in a slight breeze, standing bravely against the onslaught that now marred the surrounding area. All around the blade of grass sat craters and shrapnel, footprints that tracked through mud soaked by blood. Tremors rocked the ground threatening to shake it loose but its roots were deep and it retained it's tenuous hold.

A foot landed just to the left of the small plant another to the right followed by a pair of knees crashing harshly into the dirt. A hand still clutching a long bow braced itself against the ground while another hand was pressed tightly against the stomach of a bent figure. A warm red liquid trailed between fingers falling to the ground below, some landing on the lone blade of grass causing it to bend under the weight.

The figure, a small miqo'te archer grunted softly, clenching her jaw as she forced herself upright, digging her feet into the ground. She reached back over her shoulder pulling an arrow from her nearly empty quiver, notching it against the bowstring. Her hands shook with exhaustion as she pulled the string taunt, the wood bending under the pressure before snapping back as the string was released and the arrow launched.

A reddish orange light washed over the ground as the sky above the archer exploded with a bestial roar. All around the ground shook and exploded with great impacts. A breath caught in her chest and she stumbled backwards, her feet dragging over the soil pressing the blood stained plant into the dirt.

Her blood froze as she could do nothing but watch the destruction that was almost as beautiful as it deadly, tear across the night sky. A blue glow began to form around her growing in brightness and strength, then disappearing once more taking the archer with it.

Free from the weight that had pressed it down the lone blade of grass pulled itself from the muck. Battered and crushed the blade still stood bravely until it too was washed away in an explosion of fire and rock. Just one more in a long list of casualties.






In the blink of an eye the deafening explosions and searing heat of battle was replaced with a cool night breeze and a silence so quiet in comparison it was painful. As the blue light faded from her view the bloodied and wounded Archer opened her eyes to find her world had changed. Where a scarred battlefield once stood was now a lush green field, with a thriving forest only a stones throw from where she was standing.

A soft crunch from behind alerted her someone was sneaking up, she spun around notching her bow and firing in a well practiced motion. The arrow hit it’s mark dead center of her would be attacker’s chest. She quickly reached back behind her for another arrow, cursing softly as her fingers wrapped around her last arrow. She only had one more shot, it was going to have to count.


She drew the bow back fully, pausing as a red and black energy began to grow around it, rapidly increasing in intensity. Pouring the remainder of her energy into the spell she released the bowstring, the arrow speed across the field magically enhanced with both speed and power.

At the last second her enemy threw his hands up and a large explosion of red and black versus a bluish white light was the last thing she saw before the encroaching darkness pulled her under.

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(Hooray for cluttered posts)


Never would I have known that one could experience hatred...hatred that burned so strongly that everything around it burned within the flames. Wait...flames is not the word to describe what I've seen. Fire denotes something that burns brightly, but what I've seen consumes all forms of light around it. Honestly? I'm not surprised considering who I've met, heck, even their name means to consume. Exodus Artitas...a seething darkness that is better off vanishing in to obscurity, but...I can't help but feel sorry for him.


As far as I know, he's experienced the ultimate loss; the loss of one dear to his heart. To understand his pain, however, one must understand 'Exodus' and his reason for being. In an ideal world, this Miqo'te lived quietly with his sister and two brothers after their parents perished in battle. You can probably tell where this sorry tale is headed, but if you don't, then I'll tell you now that neither could live without the other. His sister, 'Revelation', was highly protective of her brother, and even at the end of everything? She would gladly sacrifice body and soul both for his survival.


Being alone with each other, this relationship is what sustained them all even regarding the difficulties they'd experienced. An odd job here...a death there...nothing was of more import than their love for each other. Even his sister, who was a White Mage, was not beyond taking a life because of love. Moving around a lot was common for the younglings, so they never had many friends either. From here, you can tell that if any one of the four siblings were to endure harm, the pain would destroy the remaining three. Hear now, the tale of Exodus Artitas. Despite him not participating directly in the final battle, he was marked deeply by all that remained.







The exclamation was the first thing Exodus had said since departing to join his sister in battle. She had foolishly gone off to face off against the mastermind behind all of this without any kind of help. He could still feel her words striking his soul whenever he remembered the reason she decided to go alone. She wanted all of them to live happily together...but what good was that happiness for them if she couldn't enjoy it with them?!


Exodus ran through the battlefield, and despite his inexperience in the arts of war, he had forced his way through. Perhaps it was because of his weakness that he was ignored...or perhaps it was because stronger people than him were far more appealing targets? Exodus kept his eyes on the horror that became their sky, and just as he thought he was going to run endlessly without sight of her, he saw the thing he dreaded the most.


Reve was falling from the sky...she swore she'd be safe! Using whatever strength he had to pump his legs, he sprinted to catch the falling Miqo'te. He was absolutely sure it was her, the white robe...the staff...her black hair as opposed to his white hair...it was Reve for certain! Exodus wouldn't let her hit the ground, not for anything...if he did, then he was certain that her enemies would take her before her allies could find her. Exodus couldn't allow her to leave him...he needed her far more than the world did!


Exodus, true to his word, caught his sister in his arms before she hit the ground. He dropped to his knees and held her close, glad that she was alive. Exodus had yet to examine his sister, so far be it from him to know her true condition.


"Reve...Big Sister! I...I'm so glad you're okay!" Exodus smiled, tears forming at his eyes from being reunited with his sister.


"Oh...it's you, Ex. I really...didn't want you to see me like this. You were always...so quick to anger." Reve seemed almost serene as she reached up and touched her brother's face with a blood-stained hand. Exodus' joy soon turned to horror as he looked at his sister's abdomen...blood. It wasn't an enemy's blood, she was a mage...Reve had been injured. Exodus shook his head, already in denial...she could heal a simple wound like this!


"Sis...no, sis! Please...no, you can't let this slow you down! We've got to keep moving!"


Exodus cradeled her blood-stained body in his arms as the sound of the surrounding combat faded from his ears. Reve smiled at him, even in her final moments she was doing her best to assure him that everything was alright. Exodus couldn't hold back his tears, he cried in to her marred white robe...she couldn't really be leaving, could she? Despite his denials, the gods had spoken...Reve's eyes were fogged over.


"Ah-ha...I can't move. You would think...that this was just another fight, no? Something...that even I could handle. You are...so fragile. I couldn't let you...die."


Reve curled up in to Exodus' body, wanting to keep his warmth as close as possible. She kept her eyes open, knowing the moment she was too tired to do as such she would be leaving Exodus on his own. She wished to at least see his face one more time, but she doubted that somebody as prideful as Exodus would want to be seen crying over somebody like her.


"H-hey...do you remember when I became a mercenary? I didn't think somebody that was as weak as me was going to be able to fight for...a greater purpose, you know? Still, I had more than enough to make it to this point." Tears ran down Reve's face, she couldn't feel her pull of magic...perhaps that was the reason she didn't heal? Then again, there was another reason...Reve was tired. She didn't want to fight anymore, but she had just enough drive to keep herself alive until the last minutes.


"Yeah..." Exodus responded, "people kept asking why somebody as limp as you was so strong. You didn't have an answer, right?"


Reve sighed, the heat of battle subsided, and only the cold of sleep awaited her. Her friends were probably celebrating by this point in time, and despite her saying she would survive to meet them, she was spending her last moments being comforted by somebody she wanted to protect.


"Ha...no, I didn't. Ex...I'm sorry to put this all on you. I...don't want to....."


And there it was...the force of losing the most important thing in the world hit like a brick wall. Exodus desperately shook Revelation's body, trying to stir her awake. Exodus began to grind his teeth, as he was unsure if he could do anything to save her now. At their time of parting, Exodus looked up at the sky only to see an ominous sight. Dalamud...it was getting ever closer. He was fine with being crushed now, but as he prepared to accept his death, the moon broke open.


The earth-shaking roar from a creature beyond comprehension shook the ground beneath everybody. This was...Exodus couldn't describe what he felt looking upon Bahamut. It's magesty and power was overshadowed by its sheer propensity towards destruction. Exodus' heterochromia-inflicted eyes widened as Bahamut floated over the battlefield. In the way of things, he began to destroy every portion of the battlefield. He held tight to Reve and closed his eyes, thinking that he would be the first to go as a bright burst of energy came their way.


Just as he thought he was going to die from being burned to a crisp, a blue light enveloped him. He looked at his body and stared in surprise, Reve...she used whatever magic she had left to protect him instead of healing herself. Exodus stood to his feet, but he carried Reve with him. His only recourse was to leave this battle far behind...he had what he came for. Even if he wasn't coming home with Reve alive, at least she was going to be buried in the shadow of her home...she deserved so much better than to die in such a despair filled hole in the ground.


"I'm so sorry, Big Sis...I'm so sorry..." Exodus repeated as he ran as quickly as his body would carry him in the opposite direction. He didn't witness the rest of the battle, but he survived...even at the end of the world, not only did he survived, but he thrived as the world did.




"Is that all you've got? The last person who wanted to mug me actually lasted a little bit longer than you. Seventeen seconds, actually...impressive, right?"


The sound of metal grinding against bone...it was a disgusting thing. The blood ended up spraying everywhere, and despite his reasoning behind it, the man who protected himself had no reason to cripple the thief by severing his spinal cord. This man was familar, as was his voice, but the newfound malice he held in his heart was enough to drive a man mad. Still, Exodus was already insane after losing his sister five years ago.


The dark-skinned Miqo-te chuckled as he sat next to the thief. Both of his eyes, one violet, the other cyan...seemed to peer straight in to the soul of the thief. Was it because he had some special abilities as a gladiator that nobody else had? Nope...it was just because his eyes didn't hold any form of humanity anymore. Even as somebody dedicated to protecting others...his hatred of the world just seemed to boil over at times.


"Wh-what is wrong with you?!" The thief cried out in tear-choked breaths while Exodus silently stroked the man's hair. Exodus smiled gently, placing his hand on the thief's cheek.


"Nothing's wrong with me...I just really...really hate scum like you. Since you aren't going anywhere fast, let me tell you one thing. Children like you can be cruel, so I've decided to get in touch with my inner child." Exodus' bright smile was generally disturbing, but he made his feelings clear. He may have been as dark as the night, but all he wanted was something else to believe in...something else to protect. That was his reason for becoming a gladiator...he would give back what he was taking from the world that birthed him.


Even if it was never going to bring back Reve. Genesis knew as much, and said as much before he left for Limsa Lominsa. Both he and Exodus owed the world so much, so they'd give back the only way they knew how. They would kill, kill, and keep killing until the day they just didn't move fast enough and some cutpurse slashed their throats. It was just the rules of the world...no changing that.


Even Exodus' trainer questioned his dedication to the path of the gladiator. Exodus seemed to want to destroy rather than protect, but he went through with the training since that was the only way he was going to give back to the world. Reve would've been proud of him, but he couldn't help but wonder if she would still accept him if she saw him now. Staining his armor deep red with the blood of somebody who didn't deserve the fate he had thrust upon them...


Exodus stood up and allowed his longsword to rest on his shoulder. He didn't bother mercy-killing the thief and just left him bleeding on the ground. His evil smile faded, and the mask of insanity was shed only to be replaced with the look of a man who had been defeated. He had allowed himself to take things too far again...a lot of people would've told him to get over it, but Reve meant everything to him.


"And what's a man to do when he's got nothing?" Go to Ul'dah, that's what...perhaps there was a caravan somewhere around? Home...after so long, Exodus was going to return. He failed to noticed that the light his sister had entrusted him with still shined brightly...after everything was said and done, she still did everything she could to protect her little brother. Sadistic or not, right or wrong, they were family, and Reve would happily embrace her brother when his life came to an end.

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Lren Rendarren's Story (A stay behind)


"Some might say that the Calamity was the end of all things as we know it... Naw, I be thinkin' that it was beginning of somethin' else. 'Twas the beginnin' of legends, as it brought forth more brave souls to our lands. Some with the thought of gaining fame... Others with the prospect of money an' power.



One such individual goes by the name of Lren Rendarren, a soldier whom was lumped in with all the adventurin' types. Often would he speak of ways to attain true power, through experiences or artifacts, he seemed to fight himself with what would be the quickest way. However, he never truly spoke about what his intentions were, should he attain such strength...



Always with a spear on his back and hora's around his waist, conflict seemed to always find the man as he roamed the land, searching for ways to hone his talents. It's been said that the scars he has on his face were from the Garleans, perhaps the man took an interest with their magitek, who knows. What's been whispered has been that it was a failed attempt to steal it. It's also been one of the few times that spear has rumored to leave his back...



Fell off the damn map he did after until recently. Word's been making it's way around that he's makin' for Gridania. Mayhap his skill with a spear was not all he thought it to be after that day, eh?" - Gossiping Mercenary




"I've still much to learn about myself and the limits I can impose. If I am to carry out my mission, I'll need my spear. There is only so much these fists of mine are capable of, in the long run. I've nearly bought the farm once, I don't need to take such a risk again. Death awaits the weak and unprepared.



It can wait till after my work has been completed." - Lren Rendarren



((Rough draft of the new back story I've got going for Lren. Left his race up in the air as I still have yet to decide on what it will be. Likely Miqo'te or Elezen.))

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