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balmung Wayward Marines

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“Breathe deep that sea air, dear sailor. You are in the presence of the Wayward Star, a group of honest vagabonds earning their fortune through slightly less than legal means, veiled by a flag of legitimacy. Aye, you’re in the presence of marines with black sails, dear sailor. Learn to love how the air feels on your lungs, learn to love the man who stands by your side, for he determines the difference between a dry head and a watery grave.”





IC Introduction

We're a legitimate catering business. We have a bar: we serve a whole plethora of drinks ranging from the finest Limsan ales to the controversial Garleans wines and some of our own custom brews to mix. Our Morbol Vodka and Alchemical Absinthe are but two popular choices our guests will order. Any new staff must be capable of making cocktails as the Captain only learned what one was recently. We serve excellently prepared food and have our own resident baker, Strawberry Charlotte who delights our guests with devilishly well-baked goods. We host a stage to perform excellent class acts, we occassionally have a travelling bard who sings such greats hits like "The Captain's Mast" and "Hannish Lady". This is all Maelstrom approved.


Downstairs we have an exquisite chill-out lounge and study for guests who wish to be a little more relaxed and refined. And upstairs we have our clinic. Why do we have a clinic? What kind of bar needs a clinic? Huh? Well let me tell you. People get drunk, people have accidents, they could walk to a Maelstrom clinic, but why risk it? There's so many hazards between here and there, your average drunk will find it difficult to make it safely home. Such hazards as: falling down stairs, getting in a fight with a lamppost, a random Sahagin attack, urinating on an electrical eel and offending a sea witch. You see, we take care of our drunks.


Oh right. We're legit now. Never mind. We're Black Sail Marines legitimised by the Maelstrom who started out life as Pirates. This the Maelstrom who have sought to make use of their pirate population and turn them into privateers. So we don't have to pretend, though we do have a bar...a chef...baker...a study...a lounge and clinic. So it's not really lying when you come to think of it...


OOC Introduction


Formerly "Pirates of a Wayward Star". We formed on Gilgamesh back when ARR was in BETA and later moved to Balmung where we've lived since. Our roots are in piracy, but as such is the way of character and story progression we have ceased to define ourselves as pirates, though lead by a pirate of a captain, we are now officially marines.

We section ourselves out by three types of roleplay. Story, tavern and spontaneous. We run story night every Saturday, a bar night every Tuesday and spontaneous RP happens as it happens.


We have a mix of European and US members, we used to have Aussie members but that's a hard one to accommodate for alongside Europe and US. Our active times are usually between 8pm and 12am UK time. Whilst people will do things outside of those times, if you're not able to be active during our core times you'll struggle to get involved. However, this does mean we are an EU friendly FC.


As a group we're very relaxed, we're also open to collaborations with other FC's. There are a couple of areas we're tighter one: one is drama and the other is keeping IC as IC and OOC as OOC. Given the themes we cover, not all of our characters will be pleasant or necessarily take a liking to your character ICly, but OOCly it may be the complete opposite. But we do believe in fair and respectful roleplay and healty communication between people, so we don't tolerate grievances or trolling executed IC.


If you're interesting contacting us, whether to collaborate or to join us, more information can be found on our website: we can also be contacted in game or on here.

Our Roleplay

Lead by Captain Saefinn Liljasson, his First Mate Laurenenne Tierney with her wife K'ahli K'ulha'tor and our trusted Maelstrom official Beldrem Cando we host a "marine" themed roleplay, which has organically grown out of piracy and the natural progression of the crew and our characters. We at times embrace off-the-wall plots but do our best remain respectful to the lore of the game. We're not lore Nazis, but like to keep it plausible, which means anything of the wall will need to be organic and not "just because". We embrace both down-to-earth and comical stories, sometimes the two meet.


Open Bar Night, for more information, click here.

Our story RP's run Saturday 9pm UK time. These are intended for FC members and associates and are not open to the public, however, if you are interested in a collaboration or coming along, please contact us.


Why Marines?

It would seem the next logical step when being legitimised by the Maelstrom would be to go from Pirate to Privateer or Corsair. We found that we ended up doing less sea-based RP, mainly due to how restricted that kind of roleplay is in FFXIV. Also where people's interests and stories have kept us inland; we still mix in pirate and sea RP. A "Marine" can be used to define troops on both land and sea, and in being legitimised by the Maelstrom, we can act as an armed force for them when the calling comes.


It also appeals to the Captain's ego. Saefinn Liljasson fancies himself as "The Scholar Captain", and what was the role of a Nymian Scholar? That's right, to command marines:


Our Leaders (OOC)

Captain: Saefinn Liljasson

First Mate: Beldrem Cando

Council: Strawberry Charlotte, Shayith Lumisol, Thorceig Blaetahcsyn, K'ahli K'ulha'tor



Website: www.wayward-marines.com

Guilded: https://www.guilded.gg/waywardmarines/games/FinalFantasyXIV

Housing Plot in Game: Mist Ward 6 Plot 1

Want to Join?

Follow our link here. This will have a few questions to answer to help us with the recruitment process, it's not a strenuous process, but we go through a few things first. Once done, expect to be contacted by one of us, most likely Thorceig who is taking care of recruitment, both OOC and ICly. Be ready to handle a buff Roegadyn drill sergeant who is better than anyone at squats as he is tasked with taking care of new recruits!


Our recruitment process was made on the principle of trying to find people we're a right fit for and who're a right fit for us. Our experience in the roleplay community is that so many of us have different approaches and attitudes when it comes to RP and they don't all work well together.

Want to Collaborate?

Give one of us a poke, we're happy to work with other Free Companies and RP groups, so we'd be happy to discuss any potential collaborations.


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