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Evil Vixxen

{Mateus RP} Multiple Character RP Requests~

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First Request is for my main toon Altanii Iriq~ She is FC Lead of <NEST> aka Crossroads Haven!~

A Steppe Communtiy Hub where we try to provide a home away from home for all Xaela of the steppes 
Offering trade, work, a place to bring the family, brawler's pit, eatery and live entertainment!
We try to offer a well rounded experience and a true full Steppes experience from family life to heavy combat!

Tanii (aka The Tiny Terror or Momma Terror)
Is a tiny lil Auri woman with a big heart and a firece spirit. Always looking to make friends and welcome people to her home to come and partake in the daily chaos that goes on there! The Nest (the company estate) is not open to just Xaela but all races and types of people and she and her members do their best to make sure things are kept lively yet safe for all that visit or occupy the property!~


Looking for RP FC allies to do events with both social and combat and even up for some little campaigns! We try to keep things Steppe themed but are open to anything as long as it is fun and a little chaotic!~ (DISCLAIMER: We are still largely Eorzean based as we are slowly making our way towards the Steppes both ICly and many of our members OOCly via leveling)


Tseren Qestir is a silent fellow with a big smile and an even bigger sweet tooth. Having earned enough gil to travel across the oceans and visit Eorzea he now is on a mission to try sweets from every major region across the world! What better way to do this than offering a courier service! He'll deliver your sweets to your customers in record time and in tip top condition with a big smile and no fuss! Just don't expect him to talk.....he will not use sign language or write more than his name and three words --Qestir Courier Service--. Using hand drawn and painted menus with sweets and cities skillfully detailed his customers are never left confused save for when they try to haggle and get a blank stare. Ever the gentle charmer Tseren is sure to sate all your sweet tooth cravings and maybe even give ya a hug as well!~


Looking for job offers and friends! Long term contacts preferred!~



Lastly we have my cutie Jakha Ejinn. Timid and quiet he keeps to himself in the waters about Eorzea, fishing or just taking a relaxing swim. when not there he can be found tending to the plants and little ponds on <NEST> property or helping Tehpei Buduga in the kitchens to feed the quests and members. He is a quiet and usually shy boy but get him in a combat system and make him be social and you'll suddenly have a very snarky and grumbly young man on your hands! Also, don't get too close.....he bites!~


Looking for a long term mentor to help him with his SCH abilities, and friends as well!~





Contact: Reply here OR ping Evil_Vixxen#0693 in discord ❤️ the profiles are also posted to Mateus RP Hub Discord & Mateus RP Community Discord

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