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Hearth and Home is somewhat a mixture of A FC. Currently, a Manor themed rp, with Miune Steadhal as it's owner, Miune employs various types of people. In the eyes of the public, Miune commands Knights, mercenaries, even adventurers that gather to his banner.  


Miune also Hires on Maids, Butlers, and general servants to maintain the manor as well as handle other things. 

Hearth and Home Is a generally good-aligned FC. Looking to aid others in need, as well as each other. the big take away from hearth and home is that we are a family.


As of 11/5/2018 we've come off of a break from FF fresh and have decided to try opening our doors once more! Hoping to get the FC active to the point where we can restart weekly rp events, weekly to monthly FC Storyline progression. everyone within the FC who wishes it will play a key part in the FC's growth, my focus is always about making sure everyone has fun and feels like they are the main character to the story going on around them. if this interests you or you have more questions simply contact me here or in the game!


New to rping or experienced we're happy to have more people join the family, we're all about working together to have the most fun possible. 


Lastly, thank you for looking into Hearth and Home...and if you have any questions please feel free to PM me. thank you again!

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