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mateus Fèng Huáng Yǐng syndicate [FH-RP]

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Link to Free Company: https://www.guilded.gg/Feng-Huang-Ying-syndicate

Forum Club Link: 

Style: PVE/Roleplay

Theme: Crime Syndicate, morally gray

RP Intensity: Medium

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Allegiance: None

Age Material: 18/21+  dark/mature content

Seeking: Roleplayers and PVErs

Who to contact: Katsuro Wakahisa [Kuro#6868]

Timezone: EST [ Between 6pm and 10pm is when events will happen]

Headquarters: The Black Pearl Spa  (The Goblet Ward 16, Plot 27) open to the public as a RP venue


IC Background -  A simple whisper to the right ear can change the course of history, though sometimes a dagger to the back might be needed. Obviously, everything has a price, even us, and we’ll sell information to the highest bidder, or extinguish a life in the same manner.  We are not children of the Light, shining flames of righteousness, nor of the Dark, plotting against humanity. We keep to that thin line between right and wrong - even if those serving the Law would label us as criminals - because we believe in balance above anything else.

OOC – We are a Dark and Mature, crime syndicate roleplaying FC and require members to be 18/21+ years old before joining. The syndicate is Yakuza-inspired and not evil per say, as they lean more towards the morally gray. [No slavery allowed within the syndicate] They mostly deal in semi-legitimate businesses.



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