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Steel Bear Ent

mateus Steel Bear Enterprises

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FC Name: Steel Bear Enterprises

Tag: <SB-RP>

Leader's Name: Berduta Swordhand

Officer(s): Lily Chalahko, Dodokota Bebekota

Type: Medium to Heavy RP FC (Mature )

Active Times : 8pm-?? EST  - we do have a couple that play during AM hours.

Company Website https://steelbearent.wixsite.com/sb-rp

Recruitment: Open

Themes: Trade/Commerce, Mercenary, Tavern, Slice of Life ,

Alignment: Neutral/Morally Gray





IC Background: Steel Bear Enterprises is an Ala Mhigan run trade company operating out of Ul'dah. The company fills orders from all manner of customers, whether it be a large order for armors to outfit a private army, or an order to use "other means" to persuade someone to relinquish an item a customer requests. No order is too large or too small! The company accepts anyone looking for work: crafters, gatherers, mercenaries, pirates, tavern wenches, the list is endless.





OOC Info: -

18/21+ players only.

We are looking to grow the FC's story through cross FC events and contacts, but we also want to help our players develop their characters' personal stories.

We accept new players to FFXIV as well as new Roleplayers.

This is not an ERP focused FC. 


We have a medium FC house where we host a tavern,  workshop and market room which we use to host server wide RP events.  This helps facilitate making contacts among the community and continue to grow as a FC as well as broaden our RP connections.


Our FC's story features combat RP in different settings; DM events in game, Discord RP enhancement.


We are looking for a variety of characters from all walks of life -




Skilled Craftsmen & Apprentices

Tavern work

Slice of Life 


Visit our website for more details about how the company functions, our different departments and other great information.

If you're interested or want more information, there are several ways to contact us; 

Discord:   @Penorf#6192  or Rhen#5872

In-game :  Any member can talk to you about the FC.  They will be able to get the leader or an officer to chat with you.

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Hi! I'd be interested in the craftperson/market aspect of this FC, but the discord tag provided doesnt seem to be valid (at least, I couldn't friend you). Is there another way to get in touch, besides hoping I bump into a member out and about?

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Hi there. 

You can find me in game on Lily Chalahko.  I'm usually on afternoons EST.   I sent you a PM!  Let's connect.  

We'd love to have you as we need crafters, ICly and OOCly.



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I'm sorry Discord is being evil right now.  Please, when in game, do a player search for Lily Chalahko,  Berduta Swordhand or even Xhiala Moonstone. 

Also if you're on the Discord Mateus RP hub you can find me in the list as Lily Chalahko and message me that way. 

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