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rpc server downtime [22 December 2018] Pending RPC Wiki backend update

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Happy holidays to those who have holidays this month!


As some of the more tech-inclined may be aware, PHP 5.6 support is ending with 2018, which is what our Wiki runs on.


I've been holding off on this as upgrading the wiki software to run on a newer version of php also involved upgrading the wiki software from our current long-term release to a newer release. These changes impact how the login bridge worked and some time was needed to get that sorted out. 


Coming in the new year, I'll be temporarily turning off the wiki while running upgrades to ensure all of our data is safely migrated. Past test upgrades have proven it should be a relatively safe and quick operation, but as there's a LOT of data, I'll be making a backup to roll back to should anything go wrong. (And with over 100gb of images uploaded to the wiki, there's a lot we'd like to make sure is updated safely!)


After the upgrade, you'll see a new OAuth2 login link on the wiki, which will connect your RPC forum credentials to your wiki account, or generate one if you have not logged into the wiki before. Like other OAuth prompts, it will ask for permission to use information you've provided the forum, like the screenshot below.


This new login system -should- be a little more resilient to usernames containing underscores and special characters/unicode. It is still recommended to avoid using a username/Display Name containing unicode, emoji, or special symbols such as #, $, &, and _, as these may not display or may create a conflict between the login system and the wiki in how it stores information.



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This has finally been completed!


I'm still working on a couple kinks here and there. You may notice the theme has slightly changed.


I'm also working to restore the search function! (Caveat of using a powerful, but largely outdated/abandoned search engine plugin. Worst-case, I'll set this to the MediaWiki default [bad/temporary] or get us a new one up and running after some sleep!) This should be fixed. 


Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or errors! (really. I need to know so I can try to fix them. The wiki has detailed error messages turned on and a feedback post or PM with the details and if you can reproduce it and how are immensely useful!)

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Known Issues:


There's a popular template a lot of people were using that had broken HTML in it. While these previously rendered fine through some unholy magic, the new wiki software isn't as forgiving. 


If your wiki page seems to have suddenly stopped rendering things after a tab, it may be due to a broken tag.


Affected Templates (that I've found):

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