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[Balmung|Mateus] looking for new connections!

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Hey y'all, I'm looking for some new connections, specifically if you guys have any general Discords that are Rp-related, that would be awesome! This is my player directory post and here's the character snippet from there:



Ianto Evander - Kind-Heart, endearing and skittish much like a rabbit. He's perpetually tired and perpetually worried about your well being. Big Mom Friend vibes.

Elis Evander - Socially awkward and aggressively honest, Elis seems to always be moody. He cares...he's just got a funny way of showing you he does, like a cat who brings you  the gift of dead rodents left on your floor late at night.

Gwen Evander. - Pretty put together compared to her messy older brothers. She is extremely kind but a very focused individual, perhaps a little bit of a control freak. Everything happens for a reason. Probably has a pinterest of inspirational quotes. 

Riko Momose. - Big on growing bored of people, pouting and being a social-butterfly. She'll will judge a book by it's cover. If she had an Instagram there'd be a lot of posts about "cutting out the drama" and how girls seem to just hate her for some reason! (Hint: it's her.)



Ophelie Lothaire - she's brand newww! And will be fleshed out more as I finish the MSQ. Very serious sort and a little awkward because of it but loyal to those dear to her.


Really I enjoy community/group settings as I find it pretty easy to respond in there than to people individually, if that makes sense? If only because I tend to be a little forgetful about singular discord chats. BUT! That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to chill. If you'd like my discord, feel free to DM me as I don't wanna throw it up on a public forum! Or we can just chat in dms. I enjoy art so if you like to draw, please let's get in touch! I miss an rp community with a bustling art scene.

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name change!

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a bump! i'm gearing up to get back into rp shape after a whirlwind of school starting.

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Hey! On Balmung here. I'd be down to RP some time when I'm on! Just PM me, or catch me in game as R'theqe Matoi.


He's a pretty positive fellow, always finding a reason to smile. Pretty naive, and be too trusting at times. I'm sure he'd be happy to do business with ya, delivering any packeges ya may need sent elsewhere. Or even just be down for a drink!

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