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FC Name:  Crown & Crow Trading Co.

Tag: <<Crown>>

Leader: Demicent Deszeld

Officer(s): Iko Masamune, M’Shugo Jutah, Rhen’li Molkoh

Type: Medium-Heavy RP FC

Active Times: Mid-Day & Evenings

Headquarters: Mist, Ward 1, Plot 5

Application: Via Discord or In-Game

Website: TBA

Discord: Demicent#9605, mybananas#5032, Hufflepug#5984, A$AP Rhen’li#2397



We’re part of your future.


From the basic fundamental elements of like to the more complex defensive systems employed by even the Grand Companies, we’re as committed to our future investments as ever. We are always just within reach of our next scientific breakthrough and with a focus on tomorrow, you too can share in the securities of the next generation of adventurers. What can Crown & Crow do for your career? We have trade exposure to all markets, increasing personal and company equity every day. We are always on the precipice of the next world changing technology-solving a diverse problem base in the most cutting-edge way possible.


Most of all, we foster an environment of empowering our employees, from providing flexible schedules, recognition, respect and advancement. We intend to fully be reachable and value all of our employees-no matter what your status is in the outside world.


Feel free to contact any of our associates to learn what a career at Crown & Crown can do for you.



Crown & Crow is a new FC but what we lack in time, we make up for in enthusiasm and over 10+ years of individual RP experience. Crown & Crow is the brainchild of Demicent Deszeld and along with Iko Masamune & M’Shugo Jutah we are bringing the wonderful concept to fruition! Our goal for the FC is that it remains close knit and so we are aiming for no more than 15-30 members. This allows us all to be able to better focus not just on company plots and events, but on everyone’s own individual character development.  


We are also looking for other FC’s or individual characters who would be interested in partnering with our business as well as clientele and customers who would be interested in purchasing (ICly of course, no real Gil required!) our wares.  


Applicants will be asked to review our rules and policies and will need to complete an IC interview that can be done either IG or on Discord.


What we offer:

Inclusivity: We are an inclusive FC with general investment and interest in your characters

OOC is Handled Respectively: We understand that conflict can and does happen from time to time. We deal with each matter with respect and an open mind.

Content: We also participate in in-game, raiding, leveling and maps content and are ready and willing to help our fellows out with such.

OOC Benefits: Certain aspects of IC work will incur OOC benefits, such as a stipend for work done ICly

Discord: We have an exclusive Discord Server with RP channels available for out of game RP


What we are looking for:

Adults 20+: We expect some RP to stray into darker themed territory so we are asking for adults over 20 at this time.

Activity: Being smaller means we would like to be as active as possible. We do however understand that RL takes precedence over all and are willing to work to meet your needs.

Variety: Variety is the spice of life! Crown & Crow will need a variety of employees with diverse skills that are expected from merchants and craftsmen.

Creativity/Suggestions: We love and welcome constructive feedback and suggestions and are open to receiving such from all members.


If you’re looking to join us (and we sincerely hope you are!), please reach out in-game or on Discord to the GM or one of our officers:

Demicent Deszeld; DC-Demicent#9605

Iko Masamune; DC-mybananas#5032

M’Shugo Jutah; DC-Hufflepug#5984

Rhen’li Molkoh;DC-A$AP Rhen’li#2397

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We are still recruiting! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you are interested :)

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