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Commission's Open! Anime Style!

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First and foremost here's my Twitter for my most up to date gallery stuff; I don't really have a place that I post my art other than here... sorry. @Jourjii

 - Maybe shoot me a follow as well? I'm almost at 1000 followers!! OMG... This took so many years lol!


I've attached some sort of recent stuff; but please check out my Twitter for almost everything else.


Will Do: OC's, NSFW


Won't Do: TBH if you're willing to pay me more for something that would generally be seen as weird then I'd do it despite being uncomfortable with it. I don't know my limits yet so hit me with your best shot. Things that do kinda put me off are generally anything that has to do with that feet fetish/ tickling stuff... yeah that might be a no-no unless you produce me with a generous offer!


Delivery: When it's done I'll send you the file through Discord (preferably) or Email.


Slots? Nah. I'll finish either the day of or the next day after payment, depending on how advanced the request is. The more the marrier. Even if you don't have the money now and wish to commission me later just add me on Discord and let me know; I'll either hit you up you can hit me up and let me know later when you're ready!


Payment: PayPal; I'll show you a rough sketch of your request and after the go-ahead, I'll request payment. Then I'll get started right away and won't stop until I'm finished or I'll give myself on average 1-2 days.


How to Commission me:

- Please add me on Discord as I'll be the most responsive there:: Goji#6666

- First, let me know what you want and then send me your references! I'll get back to you as quick as I can with maybe a price quote depending on your request and/ or a forecasted date to start.


Pricing (Everything will be colored unless you're on a budget!!)(All pricing is in USD currency!)::

Full Body: $100

Waist: $85

Shoulders (Basically a Profile Picture): $55


Sketch; Shoulders - Full Body: $35 - 75


If you want to add a friends character or OC let me know! I'll give 15% off regular pricing; example: Full Body commission plus a friend so $100 + $100 ($85 w/ 15% off Standard Pricing) = $185 Total


If you're on a budget; I'd be willing to draw something quicker sacrificing quality while still making a decent amount of money but you won't be getting my best work.










New Canvas214333sadfPENIS2.png




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Could you perhaps use spoilers and a note for the NSFW please - just so we're safe. Great work! but my kid was behind me omg 😅

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4 hours ago, Tira Nophi said:

Could you perhaps use spoilers and a note for the NSFW please - just so we're safe. Great work! but my kid was behind me omg 😅

i added it to the tags, sorry!

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No NSFW or R18 Content


All content on the site must adhere to a relative PG-13 standard. No NSFW or R18 content of any kind is permitted. Suggestive content should be appropriately hidden with spoiler tags and labelled.


This thread has been moderated to be in-keeping with our rules. You can read them here

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