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By the Twelve, what have I done? (A FF14 return post)

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Oh look, I'm playing FF14 again. Oh look, all of my free time has been sucked away. Womp womp.


  • MMORPG background
    • My first MMO was Anarchy Online back in 2001. This was my first foray into an online RP with a game that actively wherein the mods would actively build RP via moderated RP events. From there I bounced around quite a bit between MMOs finally settling on WoW at launch where I spent the next decade plus helping to wipe out Alliance scum anywhere I could on Twisting Nether (RP-PvP server).
    • My first true journey into community building/moderating online groups was thanks to Neverwinter Nights (not the horrible MMO). I spent about 16 years in NWN building, running, and DMing online persistent worlds. I only just recently handed off the world I'd been running for about 5 years, I'd like to run a community/guild again... but not coupled with bug fixing and building a world. Ain't nobody got time for that.
    • The next major experience in running communities came about 6+ years ago when I built and ran the RP community for The Secret World, https://secretworldrp.enjin.com/. Which as of 12/20 was finally put into archive mode.
  • RP experience
    • I'm an active pen and paper DM and budding author as I'm writing a campaign setting that shall hopefully one day see print. Aside from PnP though I've been enjoying and promoting online RP since I was in high school (I'm 38 now). Now I have the pleasure of introducing my 10 year old daughter to the world of RP; which has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
  • Character ideas/info
    • Still in flux. When I first created Seryk Black years ago (Originally named Gale pre-ARR) I had an idea in mind, however this has changed in the time since I last played. I'm likely going to Fantasia him and recreate him as a Lalafell (currently Hyur) with some tweaks to concept. Overall though he'll continue to be a well meaning chap with an interest in lore and gambling.
  • How did you learn about the coalition?
    • Years ago when I first started looking into FF14 as an RP medium. I can't rightly say how I first learned of it other than most likely a Google search for "FF14 RP community".
  • What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy)
    • Medium. I spent about half of my time gaming on my PS4, during this time I'm not trying to type to anyone. Have you ever tried to have a conversation using the PS4 controller input? No thank you. However when I'm on my PC playing I would like to be engaged. That said, even while not RPing I aim to not be disruptive to those who are partaking in RP.
  • Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.)
    • I'm a family man who lives in Austin, TX. Any time not spent gaming (video, PnP) is likely spent at work where I'm an enterprise account manager for a large ecommerce platform; like Shopify but better (imo of course). I'm a very open person and there isn't much I won't answer if asked, however my laundry has just finished drying and I need to go fold that. Cheers!

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Neat, welcome back!   I actually played the TSW as well as NWN, SWTOR and others.   I help run Radio Free Gaia.


I am really enjoying FFXIV so far.   Hey, was that world that you ran.... Sigil?


In fact, I recognize your name from my Discord/Enjin lists.   You know me as Notes. ;) Maybe we will run into each other in game!



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Hello there, welcome back!! :D

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