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  1. Oh look, I'm playing FF14 again. Oh look, all of my free time has been sucked away. Womp womp. MMORPG background My first MMO was Anarchy Online back in 2001. This was my first foray into an online RP with a game that actively wherein the mods would actively build RP via moderated RP events. From there I bounced around quite a bit between MMOs finally settling on WoW at launch where I spent the next decade plus helping to wipe out Alliance scum anywhere I could on Twisting Nether (RP-PvP server). My first true journey into community building/moderating online groups was thanks to Neverwinter Nights (not the horrible MMO). I spent about 16 years in NWN building, running, and DMing online persistent worlds. I only just recently handed off the world I'd been running for about 5 years, I'd like to run a community/guild again... but not coupled with bug fixing and building a world. Ain't nobody got time for that. The next major experience in running communities came about 6+ years ago when I built and ran the RP community for The Secret World, https://secretworldrp.enjin.com/. Which as of 12/20 was finally put into archive mode. RP experience I'm an active pen and paper DM and budding author as I'm writing a campaign setting that shall hopefully one day see print. Aside from PnP though I've been enjoying and promoting online RP since I was in high school (I'm 38 now). Now I have the pleasure of introducing my 10 year old daughter to the world of RP; which has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Character ideas/info Still in flux. When I first created Seryk Black years ago (Originally named Gale pre-ARR) I had an idea in mind, however this has changed in the time since I last played. I'm likely going to Fantasia him and recreate him as a Lalafell (currently Hyur) with some tweaks to concept. Overall though he'll continue to be a well meaning chap with an interest in lore and gambling. How did you learn about the coalition? Years ago when I first started looking into FF14 as an RP medium. I can't rightly say how I first learned of it other than most likely a Google search for "FF14 RP community". What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) Medium. I spent about half of my time gaming on my PS4, during this time I'm not trying to type to anyone. Have you ever tried to have a conversation using the PS4 controller input? No thank you. However when I'm on my PC playing I would like to be engaged. That said, even while not RPing I aim to not be disruptive to those who are partaking in RP. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) I'm a family man who lives in Austin, TX. Any time not spent gaming (video, PnP) is likely spent at work where I'm an enterprise account manager for a large ecommerce platform; like Shopify but better (imo of course). I'm a very open person and there isn't much I won't answer if asked, however my laundry has just finished drying and I need to go fold that. Cheers!
  2. Welcome back, Rusty Randall! I just returned myself after a nearly 2 year absence. I hope you enjoy your return as much as I have.
  3. Already taken care of by the fantastic Vi Lindon, you rock Vi. Cheers.
  4. Hey gang, So I'm looking to trade some gil and items between two characters however due to the strange set up in this game I'm unable to move some items between two characters on the same account... I have no idea why this system is set up this way. Would somebody on Balmung be able to help with this? If so it would be greatly appreciated. My PC is named Seryk Black, hit me up either in this thread or in game if you can help. Cheers, and thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the clarification gang, much appreciated.
  6. Touching on the mention of the Echo in this post. Can this be confirmed with a link to the Dev's words? While I was under the impression that the Echo was very rare, I didn't believe that there was just a single sole person gifted with it either. So I'd like to see some actual backing to that claims. Cheers.
  7. Character creation is of course restricted once more, but I was finally able to get in at 3AM last night to create my PC. Thanks for all the assistance, gang.
  8. Excellent, so basically go and try to make a character 5 minutes before maintenance?
  9. Interesting, so basically the guidelines for transfers on the FF site are false?
  10. Oh I get that it's populated, but I already have a PC on Balmung. My brother gifted me his old Legacy account with years worth of veteran rewards on it, and he already has a PC on Balmung. I just think it's a not very well thought out system, if your account already has a PC on the server than why limit new PCs? It's not like you can be logged into multiple characters at a time. And yeah I considered transferring, but you can't transfer to an already full server. So I'd just be running into the same issue at a later point when it's potentially worse. Anyway, I'm still waiting and haven't given up hope yet.
  11. Up at 5 and 6 every morning for the last few days and no luck. This has to be the dumbest and most frustrating character creation system in the world of MMOs.
  12. Hey all, is there some secret to catching the server open for new characters? I've been trying unsuccessfully for days to get a PC made here. Even woke up at 6AM this morning in the hopes it would be free that early.
  13. I like the use of a middle name and it flows quite nicely, 7/10. My hyur will be named XCloudX XSephirocksX.
  14. Wish I could make it this looks like a blast, hope everyone has a great time.
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