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RP Idea: Salvaging/Equipment drive


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Hey everyone ^^


Sooo, I'd like to bring up a possible event idea I been really wanting to try and put together. I just wanna see if people would find this fitting? Or would like to come and join in to help?


Okay so heres the rough rough backdrop I was sorta working with, so not official yet but I am open to suggestions :D I'm kinda new putting together events >_>


After the Calamity and the lands rebuilt and the return of the Warriors of Light and the new adventurers populating the lands. To pave their own ways, mayhaps with a bit of help.


Soo the jinst is a RP equipment donation drive. A place for crafters to come and meet and offer aid to the new adventurers of the world. I believe Almaz found a great location to use. Outside Ul'dah exists a shanty town. A place full of down trodden people Ul'dah declines aid and acknowledgement too. Maybe a stage set up where rp crafters come in to aid the population as the back drop? New players seeking aid or advice or directions could find the place. It could be a fun little event for all ^^


Thoughts? Suggestions?


Almaz, Seraphine and myself are signed up and ready!

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: "And my... needle!"


No joke, this is right in line with things that Crystalline will be aspiring towards in ARR as a charity organization and I'm very excited at the prospect to help out with something like this. Assuming she is back from that time-rifty thing in-character by then, she will be there and wanting to help. ^_^

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You can count Ronberku in that. Perhaps we could also find some way to support the new crafters. I'd much rather provide them with materials and have them craft those low level weapons/gear. I don't want the high levelers to be stealing all of the spotlight after all.

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Thanks sooo much everyone for the imput and offers to help all! :D <33333


Yeah to sorta touch base on things Aysun and a few others said, and I should have clarified this in my original post. I was kinda leaning on having it as this more or less non cannon style rp so as to not get in the way of others personal stories. Since Aylis herself too isn't in the most charitable of moods :P I'll post more as things become finalized.

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The only dumb question is the one that isn't asked.


Non-canon generally refers to an RP event that takes place in a bubble outside the scope of the game's normal natural timeline. This is to say that the events that happen here will not carry consequences that get carried into future RP events/interactions. It's a good way to practice, and it allows people who may not be back from the rift or have no plausible reason to be there to still participate. The drawback to this is that any meaningful exchanges that you may want to regard in the future would never have technically happened, but there are workarounds to this sort of thing as well so long as the parties involved are in agreement. Everything is very subjective.


A specific example using this particular event might be if it was being held in Ul'dah and was non-canon, CharacterX could attend, even though in the game's story CharacterX took a bullet from Garlean gunfire and was bedridden in Gridania.


It's kind of a way of breaking the chains that cause and effect sometimes bind us with. There are pros and cons, like most things.


I hope this explanation helps and does not serve to confuse you further. :dazed:

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Oh ok, I think I get it... sort of like a alternative timeline thing where whatever happens "doesn't count"? Would it be possible to go there in canon? It's very much something my character would do, and I'd love to use it as an opportunity to meet people IC in the "regular" timeline.

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EDIT:  I don't know what I'm talking about and got this event confused with the other event for some reason.  I'm running on 3 hours of sleep and more caffeine than is probably healthy so just ignore me for now.  :blush:

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