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The Name is Vahies if you cant see that (laughs) I'm a miqo'te lancer in training to be come a dragoon. I grew up in Limsa Lominsa but i all ways dreamed to be a dragoon and not fisher like my parents..... (rubs back of head)  seems silly but i all ways wanted to fight in the war. I don't know why but it was a fantasy that long has past but becoming a dragoon has not. I all ways wanted be a Dragoon since i heard storys about the dragoons when i was young miqo'te. I'm very down to earth miqo'te who loves seek out danger and conquer it. I'm quite to a point and travel alone time to time, but when a call comes for my aid I go with haste to help who called.


This is some what my RP story line.... still working on it but hello all!

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Hiya! If you feel like you need some help, with your storyline or anything at all to do with RP and the game, really, feel free to post your questions here or in new threads in the appropriate sections of the forum. Check out the Mentor thread stickied at the top of this Welcome Desk section as well, to get some one-on-one assistance, if that's more your speed.


We're a very helpful, friendly bunch! :thumbsup:

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