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Doctor Dazai

mateus Adventure’s Compass

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FC Name: Adventurer’s Compass
FC Tag: <<AC-RP>>
Leader: Dazai Osamu

Officer: N’aselah Uri

FC House: Shirogane, 11th Ward, Plot 57 (small)
Type of RP: Gritty I Adventure I Mystery I
Alignment: Grey

IC Info:


The Compass was formed by Doctor Dazai Osamu, with the help of his close friends. They endeavour to take on any task given to them by the grand companies and the Alliance at large, often acting as irregulars on missions needing the help of adventurers. No mission is too big for the Compass and its members, be it peacekeeping, reconnaissance, or even spelunking - the Compass does it all.


Currently based out of Shirogane, they are building themselves up to best serve those who would hire them, cooperating to build a base of operations and taking on smaller tasks to elevate their recognition in the face of the Alliance, and any other potential contractors.

OOC: Adventurer’s Compass is home to many kinds of roleplay and should offer something for everyone. Adventure roleplay will be a main theme for the guild, but there will also be opportunities for those who lack the ability to adventure, be they scholars, crafters or simple tradesmen.


You can expect weekly events and immersive story arcs! And not to mention plenty of social roleplay, such as story nights, and other fun parties with games so we can all get to know each other.



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To get hold of me please add me on IceIceBaby#0633 via Discord

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