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Pronunciation lessons with Fernehalwes

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GamerEscape recently posted this interview with Fernehalwes where he sits down and shows the community how to pronounce some of XIV's most difficult words. Also some bonus lore tidbits in there about Sahagin and Goblin language! I thought it was very interesting and well worth the 15 minutes to listen to.


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I've got a question about Roegadyn pronunciations...


Y: A long 'e' such as the 'ea' in 'eat' or the first 'e' in 'Steve'

Alyr (alder) would be pronounced 'ah-leer'

Blyss (blossom) would be pronounced like 'bleece' (rhymes with 'fleece')


So "y" = "ee"...? 


But I heard him say "Roo (hate that it's not "row") - guh - din"... 


Is it not "Roo gah deen"? I'm not fond of it, and really prefer "Row gah din"... But-... I dunno. I also prefer male surnames as ending in "sin" rather than "seen" (spelled syn).

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As someone who is fluent in Irish Gaelic, I just want to state that he actually pronounces Cait Sith incorrectly (though to be fair he said he wasn't certain). Cait Sith is pronounced how he originally says it, Cat Shee, and depending on the dialect (Irish or Scottish Gaelic) it's either spelled Cat/Cait Sìth (Scottish) or Cat Sidhe (Irish). It basically means Cat Fairy.

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