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House of Flowers [Balmung]

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What is the 花の家 (House of Flowers)


We are a Hingan-styled FC that's very strongly based around the real-world traditions that it stems from; that is, heavily influenced from our impressions of a select focus within Japanese culture. The House of Flowers is primarily intended to provide an atmospheric venue for roleplayers to gather and enjoy our best imitation of what it might be like to visit an Ochaya: a teahouse that is staffed by Geisha.


What can I expect in this FC?


We're a group of people across nearly all timezones, and our get-togethers for teahouse events are on weekends. During the week, pick-up and slice-of-life RP are popular, but so are dungeon runs, in-game activities, and just being generally helpful to each other and each other's in-game goals. We even have airships and submarines! Some of us play other games together as well, and staying in contact is made easy with our active discord.


 How can I Join? 


Easily! We have an application at tinyurl.com/Houseofflowersapp ; the only thing we ask is that you also apply in-game as well so we can add you as a friend to stay in easy contact with in case you aren't comfortable joining a discord full of strangers ( who, would soon after I hope, become friends! ). There is a rule, however, that we insist that your first character with us be your 'main' -- or, at the least, a character that has a good amount of time sunk into it; either in their character development or their game achievements! Hopefully this piqued your interest even further in the House of Flowers! Feel free to seek out and add our officers, Quiet Xaela and Pae'a Atiyeh, if you want to talk more about connecting!

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