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Preparing for 5.0, I'm going to become a Hrothgar, but do we have any ideas on there naming and being part of the "Lost" clan, how they are nomadic, would it be frowned at to say that my character would have four jobs/classes, they being MNK, DRG, dancer ((maybe)), and gunbreaker?


What I was thinking of saying for the jobs/ classes where:


DRG - He is well versed in using pole arms ((like his main))

MNK - When you cant use weapons, your fist are what you fall back on, though to be fair, not be as skilled as a MNK....if that makes any senses

Dancer - I was thinking of trying out dancer and thought, because of there nomadic lifestyle, he could learn dancer while traveling

Gunbreaker - Being a Hrothgar, I would think that gunbreaker would be something that they learn because they created it. For my character, I would say, he has it, but never really uses it, unless he has to and even still, because he doesn't use it as much, he isn't really good with it. ((its like a family heirloom))


When I look for inspiration for Hrothgar, I look to the anime Grimoire of Zero ((Zero kara Hajimeru))

The main character gives me ideas ((besides his name)), but tell me what you think?

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I had to Google it and I found this on the forms:



Taking into account their race's name and the queen's name from the Gunbreaker lore, their names are likely going to be Norse and Germanic.



As far as people frowning at you, let them. This is roleplaying and if you’re not being insanely overpowered and stepping on absolutely everyone’s toes, just do what you find fun that makes you happy. :)

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