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Good evening (or your respectable timezone)! I've finally stopped creeping around the forums and put my little hello thread up to say… well hello! You all seem like such a wonderful group of people, it's easier for shy people to pop out of their shell eventually . u . 


I found the RPC through Google (good old Google mm yes). I really enjoy the role play aspect of MMO games, it's kind of like 60% of the gameplay for me. And since I found last weekend's beta of XIV ARR to be astounding, I thought I'd give the role play a go and here you all are! I've been out of the RP scene for a while though ack x _ x since '08? So I need a little practice to get back into the swing of things.


I used to play XIV when it first came out, but had to stop due to medical problems, and by the time I came back I realized it would probably be easier to wait for 2.0 to come out, so since then I've been reading up on lore and creating a character. I'm pretty dead set on a female Roegadyn Hellsguard leaning towards MRD or GLD. (Totally not making up for the fact that I'm super short by picking a Roegadyn)


For Phase 3 beta I've named her Scarlet Willow (feel free to poke me in-game if you'd like!) but I think during Phase 4 I might change it a little bit. My friend said Scarlet Willow reminded her of Scarlet Witch from Marvel and now I can't get it out of my head~ Still cracking away at her details.


And a tiny bit about me: I'm a part-time student (one more year and I'm free to live the real world with an art degree ; A ; ) and I work part-time at a comic shop. My play time is usually at odd hours; either really late into the night and/or into the early morning. I live on the east coast, I live with my dog, and I love long walks on the beach~ I jest, I don't like beaches the sand gets everywhere . _ .


/waves :moogle:

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Ah~ thanks for the warm greeting everyone C:


@Seregelleth - the life of a college student is so much better with a dog (or any pet really), yes? And the sand does get everywhere >T even weeks after you've been to the beach I vacuum sand from the nether regions of my house?


@Xjezhekir - awh yes, newbie high five!


Twenty more minutes of night classes and I can sink my teeth back into this beta . _ .

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@Zarek: Scarlet Willow grew on me quite a bit after the small bit of roleplay I snuck in this past weekend, so I think it'll stick C: Hellsguard name lore is fun to mess around with though


@Zeraia: Hello and thank you! C: Ah ha~ you wouldn't happen to be the wonderful Hyur who owes Scarlet a drink hm~? Our afterwards chat was great!

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