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Hello everyone!

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Xjezhekír here! Now, I know what you're thinking. "How the do you even pronounce that?" It's actually pretty simple! "Sheh - Zeh - Keer"! Just toss an ever so slight(and lazy) "j" sound in the "Sh", and you've got it!


A little about me. Well, I haven't been RP'ing too long. Since the beginning of last year, as I recall. I first developed an interest back when I played Champions Online during that time. A lot of my experiences were hit or miss, and the folks who -did- serious RP with me told me they were impressed given that I had no experience! So I said, "Hey, I must be doing something right!" After getting a little discouraged and disinterested in the lack of meaningful of developmental content in the CO scene, I headed over to TERA around May, for my birthday. Never could break into the community, and found many of its denizens to be rather elitist and unwelcoming. So that only lasted a month! Finally moved onto the Guild Wars 2, starting with the beta and then going into launch.


I didn't actually try RP'ing in-game until the actual release, and I was quite surprised by how big the community was, and still is. Quite wonderful people on there, despite your obligatory troll here and there. I've had many a fond memory of RP there. From being an entertainer, performer, and dancer for a carnival, onto some extensive adventures with a bookworm, to a recently created gentle giant with a penchant for wanderlust; I've loved every minute of my time spent RP'ing on GW2. 


Well, alright. Not every minute, but you get the idea! Now that I've rambled plenty, I'd like to take a moment to give my regards to the forum, and express my excitement and enthusiasm concerning FFXIV RP! I look forward to (hopefully) getting into Balmung so I can meet, greet, and RP with you all!


P.S.: I wanted to make sure I actually did one of those these introduction posts, because I'm usually terrible at leaving one when I join forums.



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Oi newbie! Welcome aboard! I look forward to being equally as newbie-ish with you and hopefully scooting onto Balmung as well. Maybe you can teach a lady a thing or two. Enjoy your stay! :moogle:

You betcha'! I'm certainly no guru, but I'll do what I can to help out with anything you might need! Here's to hoping we bump into each other in-game some day!



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