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New Linkshell?


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Hi! I'm Zikh Milh'to.


With the upcoming release of a realm reborn I've been thinking of getting back into the game. The beta is managing to impress and entertain me, but there is one issue at hand that really bothers me, just like every other MMO I've ever encountered.


Past midnight, most people are going to bed. Which doesn't usually sound like a big problem. I work the late night shift at a hotel and have a lot of open time, but when my days off roll around most especially I found myself soloing through Eorzea just the same as Hydaelyn is turning out sadly.


Thus while I equally introduce myself, I toss a proposition out to the people of this forum. I'm starting a night crew. A place for folks who wander around late at night and are sick of being alone when harassing monsters and completing quests.


I'm on at roughly 10PM every night, mountain time, and I'm almost always looking for companionship well into the morning. I have a single advantage, that being we could choose any server we like, and start anywhere we like. That being the case the only people I'd be looking for would want to join the crew. Someone has to keep track of things while everyone else is sleeping!



MMO's in general have become a pain for loners, whether they choose to be one or not, like myself. So let's see if we can make the best of it!

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Well, once Balmung is stable they'll open it up again for new characters.



I wonder if they'll let you choose your nation then. Probably.


But let's get a consensus rolling.



1: Which city sounds best to you?

2: What class do you think you'll play, if you don't have other characters already?

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I'm having a lot of fun with gladiator in the beta. Just wish I could get a monster hurting more. I hope once I figure out other skills I can start healing myself as a tank. The rest would probably be blacksmithing.

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Heya. I'm Australian, so being on late by American standards is something that will happen for me on occasion. ;)


As for your questions, they seem to be based on faulty premises. You can already choose your nation, it's a component of your class choice. You start in the city with the guild for that class. (This kind of sucks for Limsa Lominsa.) This goes for Legacy characters too.


That said, my answers are 1) the ones that are not Gridania, and 2) every class, probably eventually ending up with every combat class at max level on all of my characters. Each would have their particular IC classes, though. I'll most likely specialise my characters to each concentrate on select crafting, and maybe gathering, classes since I'm not quite as fond of that gameplay and to save inventory space.

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The armory chest is pretty big though. I don't think classes will have much trouble. And you can reach the other nations by level 20 again, which was much easier in my opinion. We shouldn't discriminate which region we choose from.

There's an official thread for the Night Shift now in the linkshell forums. I'll likely get more active on it later when the game is ready to launch, and I can start taking names! Hopefully servers will be sorted out by then!

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I wasn't talking about gear but crafting materials. ;) Though, with 25 slots for each type of gear against 19 Classes and 9 Jobs at launch, as well as the prospect of multiple gear sets for different purposes, it's not a complete non-issue either.

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Hey there, altho i'm central time in the USA I do tend to play late nights.  Not strictly mind you, but on my days off (sat, sun, mon, tues) I typically play early afternoons well into the wee hours of the morning, so a late night linkshell would be a good idea in my book.

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*places a pie down* Welcome!



Hey there, altho i'm central time in the USA I do tend to play late nights.  Not strictly mind you, but on my days off (sat, sun, mon, tues) I typically play early afternoons well into the wee hours of the morning, so a late night linkshell would be a good idea in my book.

Everyone's welcome in my book. But I really hope I find some 10PM to morning players. ; ;

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SE opened up character creation for legacy servers including Balmung! So I'll be getting my LS put together as a Gladiator! :D My name will be Zikh Milh'to, so feel free to send me a message! Might take me a bit to gather the levels or dough needed, but we can manage!

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Today and tomorrow I will be lounging around in Ul'Dah outside the Thaumaterge's guild. Anyone willing to join the night shift shell, and come hang out with me should feel free to!


On that note not sure exactly where I'll be sitting, but you'll spot me. This will be my first time actually recruiting players in the game for the shell. Since we've all been enjoying the beta there hasn't been a great deal of time for that. I hope we can all meet and get to know one another as we roleplay and quest!


(GLD looking for WHM if you know what I mean. tongue.gif)



The Night Shift is searching for players between 9PM and 9AM but is open to all people that play late night. :)

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