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Silvia Kuroi

Viera-related feasibility/likelihood question!

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In preparation for Shadowbringers I have decided I wanted to more or less reboot my main character, and start her over as a Viera. I plan on keeping all of her RP connections the same, I just wanted to revamp her backstory. As it stands, she's a Sharlayan Xaela--and so I wanted to try and keep the Sharlayan aspect of her (as she is an IC Astrologian), but revamp the rest of her backstory to match her now being a Viera.


Currently, I have in mind that her mother fled her village when Garlemald was busy stamping out rebellions around Rabanastre, as she felt that the wood wardens and the voice of the wood did little to protect her home and then-unborn child. She went for Rabanastre itself, hoping that she could both raise her child in (relative) safety and eventually try and fight back against Garlemald's grip. If the wardens wouldn't help repel the empire, then she would--and so on. 


A decade or so after her daughter's birth, a Sharlayan chronicler would venture out to Rabanastre to record the rebellions as part of the Bilbiotheca Historica, and planned to use an abandoned library as his base of operations until his mission was complete. There he would find a young Viera, poring over book after book, studying what magics and arts she could grasp. While it was law of Sharlayan to remain impartial to all wars and conflicts, the chronicler took a shine to the young, studious Viera, and took it upon himself to convince her mother that taking her back to Sharlayan would keep her safe from harm, and give her unparalleled education. 


As the rebellions worsened, and the mother's desire to help restore 'justice' burning in her heart, she accepted. The Viera, Sylf, was taken to Sharlayan, where she was eventually renamed *Silvia*.


How feasible and reasonable does this sound? Hopefully it's not too horrendous, but I've tried really hard to work out as many kinks as I could to make this as sensible and as reasonable as possible!! I've consulted the lore book as much as possible, and even the Shadowbringer's teaser site was helpful in detailing why some Viera chose to leave the woods for good.

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I don't see anything wrong with this. Go for it!

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