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Dev Blog: Lost In Promotion


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New dev blog today with some really nice concept art. This game has such great gear designs.



June 21, 2013

Hello all!

Fernehalwes here.


When two celestial bodies align, you get an eclipse. Sure, it's cool, but eclipses happen all the time, and really, they're only good for promoting the sale of those cheap, cardboard glasses that prevent you from going blind by staring directly into the sun. Now, when three celestial bodies align, that's when things happen. Restless souls rise from the dead, ancient civilizations crumble, work gets DONE.


Which is why when I saw the producer/director (Yoshida-san), the UI lead (Minagawa-san), and the design lead (Takai-san) gathered outside the big P's office, I knew something was up...




Could this be new art for the classes and jobs...?




How about we take a closer look...




And no, I didn't choose all female characters on purpose.




Okay, maybe I chose all female characters on purpose. Soken made me do it!




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We've been told AF sets will be able to be dyed at some later date. Not right away, but once they become commonplace enough that iconography is less important than variety.


Personally, I'm keen to see Rhos in some firetruck red Dragoon gear.

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