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Garlean Pureblood Expatriate, Feedback Appreciated!

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Let's just dive in to that juicy backstory, huh? Spoilers for Stormblood ahead.




Law Rose, formerly Laurentus oen Aelius, was a young, rookie member of the XIVth Imperial Legion shortly before the events of Operation Archon. Laurentus was technically spared from the battle at the Praetorium due to still being in training, but believed himself to be at fault for not participating and, at the very least attempting to protect Gaius and his tribunes, whom he saw as role models. The feelings of uselessness led him to seek strength by any means necessary,  leading him to volunteer for a series of experiments into the Echo being conducted by Aulus mal Asina. Unlike later, more successful trials, these early attempts were far more, well, experimental. At one point, Laurentus was subject to a surgical procedure on one of his eyes, leaving him with a large scar. With the experiments deemed a failure, Laurentus was sent back to the front lines as a member of the XIIth Imperial Legion. However, shortly after his redeployment, Laurentus disappeared from his post, not to be seen again.


Disillusioned with his country, Laurentus took the persona of Law Rose, wandering Sharlayan mercenary. Law tried, for a time, to maintain neutrality toward world events, but eventually, he would take issue with the sheer amount of Primals wreaking havoc on the world, and dedicate his efforts toward thwarting them every time they should be summoned, and taking preventative measures to halt their summoning in the first place.


As a person, Law is very closed and taciturn. He sees himself as having no home in Eorzea or in Ilsabard. He fears the fallout of being discovered as a Garlean, and as such he is hesitant to make ties with anyone. As a pureblooded Garlean, Law cannot manipulate aether. Because of this, he has grown to see magic as a wild and dangerous practice, more trouble than it's worth. How much of this is simply jealousy, however, is uncertain. During his time with the XIVth, Law was trained in the art of the imperial gunblade, as well as how to pilot and maintain magitek vehicles and other machinery. He also knows his way around a pair of knives, mainly because using an imperial gunblade in open combat may raise suspicion.




Now, the big question I have is: would it make any sense for Law to have some form of artificial echo, or is it strictly canon that Fordola is the first to have sort of success with that? Does it even make sense for Aulus to take on a pureblood Garlean as a guinea pig?


Other than that, though, I think the story should more or less check out? I'll be honest, when I make a character in an existing setting, usually I try to keep them a good distance from the main characters, but it's way too tempting to tie this character in with the XIVth, so I guess I'm a hypocrite.

Law Rose Lodestone.jpg

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Hi Law! Great to see more Purebloods! :D


I think, now this is just my interpretation--some may disagree.


When someone undergoes the resonant experiment, they seem to become an 'enhanced' (insert race here). This is mostly going off of what I've seen on the wiki for characters such as Zenos and Fordola, but I felt it to be a good explanation to what happens to a person who undergoes it.


I dont think it is at all odd that experimentation would be done on a Pureblood. Thats the whole reason the experiments began--to allow Purebloods to manipulate aether in some capacity, and to give a bit of a rival power to the Echo.


Having the Echo from what I've seen/heard, isn't really all that bad? Its mostly dependent on how you as the player play and percieve it. Ordinary people can have the echo and not know what it is.  Or the character knows, and might utilize it here and there with players who are comfortable with it.


I'm of the mind Resonant is similar. We dont exactly know the details of what, beyond what the experiment was made for, exactly /gives/ to the character beyond echo-like things (the echo visions) and maybe enhanced fighting capability. BUT. Again, I would only use these with people who are comfortable playing with it on an OOC level. Even then, when I have my character utilize it, I use the combat enhancement sparingly, and kinda treat it as a limitbreak or adrenaline.


Im also of the mind that most characters who underwent the experiment are at Fordola's level. This would be most easy to reference IC with one resonant eye when the resonant is tapped into. Kind of like how Fordola shows one Resonant Eye, and Zenos has two. I have a feeling Zenos was juiced up to the full extent and has more abilities (like stealing bodies) that ordinary people experimented on would'nt be capable of.


This is just how I play Lucius/treat the Resonant, but others may have different thoughts. :) I kinda hope they will explain Resonant more as MSQ goes on.

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