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How Dancer actually works?

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So, I was analyzing the job's skills, and while some of them look purely martial, as Cascade, R. Cascade, Fountain, etc, there are others that appear to be more aetherical in nature, such as Curing Waltz, or even the effects achieved by the dance Steps.


But then, I've rolled through the DNC job quests in their fullest, and they didn't (or I missed?) give any actual explanation on how these, more eldritch, abilities work. For one, we can see in the first quests, in the combat sequences, Ranna using some crazy fiery explosion effects on her dancing displays - not something available as a PC skill.


Or perhaps we'll have to wait for another edition of the Lorebook?

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So, Ranna actually explains after the first one that the explosions were "prop effects" she set up for effect to make it look more exciting/flashy. I don't remember the exact wording she used but that's basically the gist. So it's not actually part of even her skill set, just special effects.


Plus, her style is more of the artistic version while ours is the actual combat version which is why she draws out the... er...  bad stuff that I cant remember what its actually called and we defeat it. 

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To expand upon Reyukka's answer; it's likely that it doesn't really 'work' in any conscious sense. I'd imagine the power in their dances is similar to the way a Bard's songs can legitimately make people stronger or the way a Warrior uses aether to enhance their strength and grit.


By which I mean that it happens but seems to be a nearly wholly unconscious movement or expenditure of the person's aether, just like you don't consciously keep yourself balanced on a bike or something. 

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Every job uses aether more or less heavily, and I don't expect DNC to be that much different. That said I have yet to level it up and play through it so the only thing i know so far is that dancers use an art called Kriegstanz (war stance in german), and while also using various throwing weapons, complement them with aetherially created fans.

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